Ja Rule Says He Wants To Battle 50 Cent And Fans Are Freaking Out!

Ja Rule Says He Wants To Battle 50 Cent And Fans Are Freaking Out!
Credit: Source: xxlmag.com

The two have been having serious drama for a long while but it sounds like Ja Rule wants to take it to the next level and battle his rival 50 Cent! Well, sort of!

No violence involved! What Ja Rule meant was that he wants an Instagram Live song battle, as he stated this during a conversation with Fat Joe.

Fat Joe had his phone on speakerphone at the time since he was live with Swizz Beatz.

That being said, the internet was quick to learn about Ja Rule’s wish and judging by their reactions, they would be more than happy to see it!

As you may know, the two men have been at odds for no less than two decades but it seems like the quarantine is the perfect time to settle it once and for all with a song battle on IG live!

‘I want all the smoke but I’ll behave,’ he said about maybe battling 50 during that call.

‘That sounds like a devilish behave,’ Swizz reacted, knowing what kind of massive drama their battle might bring.

Soon after, fans shared their opinions on the possible confrontation between the rappers, commenting things like: ‘Ja Rule will never stand a chance against my man 50. He chasin clout.’ / ‘Ja Rule would win.’ / ‘I don’t think it’s gonna happen.’ / ‘that will never happen.’ / ‘Here for it.’

This whole situation is actually pretty oddly playful given the fact that their beef is quite serious.

It all started back in 1999 when Ja was robbed at gun point for his chain.

A couple of weeks after, he claimed to having seen 50 with the robber at a club, just hanging out together and that sparked their drama!

And that was not all! The beef got even more explosive when 50 was stabbed not too long after, Ja being arrested for it along with fellow rapper Black Child.

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