Ja Rule Releases Song Song That Directly Speaks About FYRE Festival Called FYRE -- Read The Lyrics

Ja Rule Releases Song Song That Directly Speaks About FYRE Festival Called FYRE -- Read The Lyrics
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Ja Rule is back with his first song in a long time and it seems like he just wants to continue to go viral at this point. Years after the failed Coachella went terribly awry, Ja Rule has dropped a song titled FYRE.

Rule has always insisted that he had no part in scamming attendees out of their money or employees out of their checks and has stood strong with that statement even after he was heavily implicated in both Netflix and Hulu documentaries.

Recently, he was cleared in a $100 million class action lawsuit from angry FYRE fans that were bamboozled and led astray.

The New York native took it as a signal to keep social media talking about him by releasing a song that talks about nearly everything that went wrong that fateful day.

Some of the lyrics address having to face the court of public opinion.

'For your real entertainment, I'm 'bout to tell you how that shit went down from the horses mouth/With no D.A. or plaintiffs, but in the people's court, baby, they'll hang you like they ancestors.'

While other lyrics ask if Fyre victims received a refund.

'Hotter than the sun, but it wasn't that/Show of hands if you got your money back?/Just playing, I got sued for that/$100 mil to be exact/I know you lack empathy for the one that's me/But I too was bamboozled and led astray.'

The rapper debuted the track on Instagram to mixed opinion.

Some found it hilarious that the artist turned his misfortune into a marketing opportunity for his new album while others felt that he was mocking the people he scammed.

'F****** brilliant! Lmao! Love it! This is soooo you,' wrote one.

'You should be in jail next to Billy!' another follower added.

One fan said: 'It's time for you to give up rap. This is genius though.'

What do you think about the song?

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