Ja Rule Encourages Crowd To Bash Him For Fyre Festival Involvement While Jerry Media Backlash Gains Traction From John Mulaney And Colin Hanks

Ja Rule Encourages Crowd To Bash Him For Fyre Festival Involvement While Jerry Media Backlash Gains Traction From John Mulaney And Colin Hanks
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It has been nearly two years since the Fyre Festival went up in flames. After the release of two documentaries that focused on what went wrong on that terrible day received millions of views, it has been trending again for nearly two weeks.

Ja Rule and Jerry Media have been receiving backlash for the part they played in the failed Coachella ripoff. Although the rapper has taken to social media to defend himself, he decided to address the controversy head-on at a recent performance.


Rule performed in New Jersey the night of February 1 where he told the crowd that he knew they may be a little mad at him but they weren't going to talk about it all year. Instead, he encouraged the fans to chant 'F Ja Rule.'

At first, the confused yet amused group was hesitant to join along but with some encouragement from the 'I'm Real' musician -- nearly the whole lot of attendees were repeatedly chanting the curse.


Meanwhile, Jerry Media, who is responsible for the 'F***Jerry' Instagram account and advertising for the Fyre Fest, may have done more harm than expected to their brand by producing Netflix's 'Fyre: The Greatest Festival That Never Happened.'

During the documentary, the marketing firm basically admits to their significant part in making the festival goers believe that they would get everything they wanted and more when they landed in the Bahamas.

Other than masterminding the scam with Billy McFarland, 'F***Jerry' is also receiving blowback from comedians and actors like John Mulaney, Colin Hanks and Whitney Cummings for stealing jokes and reposting them as their own.

Hanks posted a statement to social media that read: "Been thinking about some things lately that I want to tell you guys. A couple of things. @f***jerry isn't just some guy. It started that way but now it's actually a marketing agency that can command thousands of dollars for a single IG post. A company that has profited from stealing jokes and content from comedians and not giving proper credit. Do a quick Google search. They are hustlers. Con men. Not only that, they also helped bring you the Fyre Festival. That's right. They ran the social media for that. They helped create content for that. They helped sell that. They profited from that. Not only did they profit from that debacle, they helped produce a documentary about it (the Netflix one) and profited off of that as well. So, to put it simply, unfollow @f***jerry. Unfollow anything to do with @f***jerry. F*** those guys."

Mulaney and Cummings also voiced their distaste for the account.

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