J-Woww And Roger Mathews Awkward Appearance Recounted By Eyewitness

J-Woww And Roger Mathews Awkward Appearance Recounted By Eyewitness
Credit: Source: Radar Online

A day after it was reported that Jenni 'J-Woww' Farley divorce from Roger Mathews will be proceeding, a new eyewitness comes forward about the couple's awkward moment. It allegedly went down at the Dreamworks Trolls Experience.

J-Woww and Roger appeared with their daughter at the premiere where Mathews spoke to interviewers about the state of their marriage.

"We’re here as a family today. We’re working on things yeah, absolutely. We spent eight years together so … I feel like there’s nothing that’s not fixable in our situation."

The "Jersey Shore" star revealed that they will "always" spend Thanksgiving as a family. Regardless of Jenni's holiday plans and Roger's confidence, the divorce is allegedly still on.

Radar Online reported that the case is still open and will proceed.

Meanwhile, someone who was at the event spilled the tea on how the couple interacted.

They told Page Six: "They were talking all about how they are working on co-parenting, but it was clear she didn’t want to be side by side with him. He took a photo of her and her daughter [with Farley’s phone] and then Jenni made sure to grab it back from him. It was so quick and uncomfortable, like she didn’t want him seeing what’s on her phone."


This also went down after the follow of two was caught leaving a comment on Sammi Sweetheart's photo that his wife found him disgusting.

A source claims that Mathews is desperately trying to win the affections of his estranged wife back.

Once the split was announced, e took to Instagram to say: "My wife filed for divorce, it’s true. She just grew tired of the repetitive pattern that we fell into … and [it was] not a good one. … I’m not done fighting, I’m gonna win my wife back. I’m gonna win her affection back."

Do you think J-Woww has already moved on? Does Roger stand a chance?

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  • Robin
    Robin Nov 19, 2018 11:58 AM PST

    O comr on. Him and Sammi were a volatile and toxic relationship-Jen is a repeat. Happens when desperate meets crazy

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