Ivanka Trump Steals The Show In Her Mother, Ivana's Vintage Dress While Attending A Wedding

Ivanka Trump Steals The Show In Her Mother, Ivana's Vintage Dress While Attending A Wedding
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It is a well-known fact that Ivanka Trump likes to take care of her appearance, and she is constantly trying to steal the spotlight everywhere she goes.

It came as no surprise to her followers that she made a stunning appearance at the wedding of Misha Nonoo, a famous fashion designer, as the event was surrounded by a lot of publicity, and was a perfect opportunity for Donald Trump's daughter to show off her style.

Something that caught the eye of some of the commenters on her pictures online was the fact that Ivanka was wearing the same dress that her mother, Ivana Trump, showed off nearly three decades ago.

And while the characteristic style of the dress has remained the same, Ivanka has put a lot of effort into adapting it for her looks and has been enjoying a lot of positivity from her fans as a result.

She was far from the only one donning a spectacular outfit at the wedding, though, as the event managed to gather a larger number of people with similar tastes in high-end fashion.

The big event allowed them all to show off their taste in fancy clothing.

Many comments were focused on the appearance of the bride and groom, who, of course, were in the center of attention.

However, it is interesting to note that Ivanka still managed to make a solid impression on the people attending, and has drawn some positive comments towards herself and even her family as a whole, despite the controversial nature of her father's policies.

A supporter said this: "Absolutely Breathe Taking Beautiful.๐Ÿ’“"

Jared Kushner Ivanka Trump Ivana

This voter turned to more pressing political matters: "Mr. Trump says that I did not tell the Kurds that I protect you for 400 years ..... !!!! We didn't say protect us for 400 years because we protected the world from the threat of ISIS,The Kurdish people said and will say to America we do not want you to protect us, but we want your support to declare the state of Kurdistan because we are the largest people in the world about forty million people and we do not have an independent state, and for hundreds of years we suffer from wars and injustice and tyranny of the Arab, Persian and Turkish regimes."

Ivanka is a real star when it comes to fashion.

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