Ivanka Trump Loves Washington DC - Defends Herself Against Critics

Ivanka Trump Loves Washington DC - Defends Herself Against Critics
Source: Business Insider

Ivanka is all about Washington DC. The daughter of Donald Trump went on CBS This Morning and discussed motherhood and children with Gayle King. According to the New York City native, 35, she and her family are quickly getting used to life in the nation's capital.

"I really love living in D.C. I really enjoy it here with my children.”

Ivanka said she had never envisioned moving to Washington DC due to the fact that her life and her business was in New York City. The Trump heir said she plans to treat the city as if she is a respectful visitor and it will be amazing for her husband Jared and the children.

The 35-year-old said she takes her children to different museums and cultural institutions every week. Ivanka lived in an apartment in NYC and she celebrated her outdoor space.

"I have a backyard with a swing set. As a New Yorker, that doesn't happen. So it's a small backyard, and my kids swing into the hedge. It's great."

During her chat with Gayle - the mother of 3 who just accepted an unpaid role as the assistant to the president - defended herself against her critics who believe she is "complicit" regarding her potential influence on Donald and his administration.

Ivanka explained, if being complicit is wanting to be a force for good and positivity, then she is complicit.

The Trump heir went on to say she doesn't know who her critics are and she questions if other people who were in the same situation as her would be doing things any differently than she is.

Ivanka Trump concluded the interview by saying she believes her father's administration will be the success. If only all of Donald's critics felt the same way.

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