Ivanka Trump Gets Backlash After Revealing She's Been Learning How To Play The Guitar In Quarantine!

Ivanka Trump Gets Backlash After Revealing She's Been Learning How To Play The Guitar In Quarantine!
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The Coronavirus doesn’t bother her anyway – but people on social media really think it should! Ivanka Trump is in hot water once again, this time around for revealing that she’s picked up a new hobby while in lockdown!

That’s right! The First Daughter revealed that, in spite of a global pandemic that the United States is the epicenter of, she has managed to enjoy ‘life’s simple pleasures,’ while spending time at home.

That being said, Ivanka mentioned learning how to play the guitar or just enjoying board games with her loved ones.

In response, many online users slammed her for being so much into her bubble that she doesn’t realize she is ‘fortunate’ to ‘not have to worry’ - a luxury not many people in the country have at this point.

Ivanka revealed this during a recent campaign appearance and the backlash was quick to come.

At the time, she was responding to questions about the pandemic.

‘For a lot of us … during the pandemic, we have reconnected to some of life’s simple pleasures. Board games, for example. We have dusted off all of ours, for sure. I took up guitar, because my husband was working late nights. I would come home, after I had put the kids to bed and after I went online and finished my work, I would be sitting there, and I taught myself — am teaching myself — how to play the guitar,’ she shared.

As you can see, the First Daughter was simply trying to be positive and point out the silver lining of the quarantine but a lot of people did not have any of it, reminding her how privileged she really is to see the situation that way.


Here are some reactions on Twitter : ‘She is so fortunate to not have to worry about paying bills, finding medical care for her family, worrying whether it is safe to ride public transportation to the job she needs to keep her family afloat. So tone deaf.’ / ‘Isn’t that nice! People are worried about paying bills, feeding their families, getting laid off, getting sick, fighting for unemployment, waiting in lines for food, teaching their children at home, etc.’ / ‘Other people are going to bed sick to their stomach not knowing how to feed their kids and pay the mortgage. But I am glad you’re 'enjoying' the pandemic.’

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