Ivanka Trump Calls Sexual Misconduct Question Regarding Her Father "Inappropriate"

Ivanka Trump Calls Sexual Misconduct Question Regarding Her Father "Inappropriate"
Credit: Source: WWD.com

When probed about the sexual harassment accusations regarding her father, Ivanka Trump didn't hold back in her defense of him. The NBC News' reporter Peter Alexander asked her if she believed her father's accusers and the political aide stated the question was "inappropriate."

Ivanka said the interrogation was "pretty inappropriate" due to her relationship with Donald. To ask the man's daughter when he has unequivocally denied all of the allegations is egregious.

Trump stated it's not a question Alexander would ask anyone else. Ivanka repeated that she believes her father, and has "that right."

As you may know, more than twelve women have accused the president of varying levels of misconduct including Jessica Leeds, Samantha Holvey, Rachel Crooks, and others.

The three women mentioned above spoke about their charges on Megyn Kelly Today. In response, a representative for the White House denied the claims.

A spokesperson speaking on behalf of the president said these allegations had been dealt with nearly two years ago during the election campaign and the American people had their choice when they voted. He stated the charges were just politically motivated smear tactics.

Two years ago during the 2016 presidential campaign, Trump denied the story from Summer Zervos who claimed the president made unwanted sexual propositions toward her including kissing and "thrusting his genitals" toward her.

That same year, the Billy Bush tape on Access Hollywood surfaced where the president could be heard bragging about hypothetically "grabbing 'em by the p*ssy."

On the 15th of October, Trump tweeted that "nothing ever happened with any of those women." In a tweet which we have for you above, the president can be seen saying he respects women more than anyone.

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