Ivanka Trump, A Former Friend Of Chelsea Clinton, Has Come Under Fire In A Recent Interview

Ivanka Trump, A Former Friend Of Chelsea Clinton, Has Come Under Fire In A Recent Interview
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Ivanka Trump has come under fire from Chelsea Clinton for not speaking to her since she turned to the evil side about six years ago, according to Chelsea.

Chelsea, 42, made the disclosure during an appearance with her mother, Hillary, 74, on "Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen" on Thursday.

In regards to her friendship with Ivanka, 40, Chelsea remarked, "I would say we were friends. We were friends, even though I didn't always call her when I had questions for my kids or was considering a major life decision. Unfortunately, she eventually turned to the evil side.

The two last communicated in November 2016, shortly after Chelsea's mother lost to Ivanka's father, Donald, in the presidential race.

Chelsea implied that Jared Kushner, the husband of Ivanka Kushner, was misled about a statement in his most recent book, Breaking History, during their interview with Andy Cohen.

Jared claimed that Ivanka had invited Chelsea over for dinner in order to maintain their amicable connection with one another following the contentious 2016 election.

Ivanka and I spoke last in November 2016, and Chelsea confirmed that this was the case. But I don't remember getting a dinner invitation.

Before politics got in the way, the two, who each had three children around the same age, were close friends. The Post has contacted representatives for Trump for their thoughts on Clinton's most recent discoveries.

Chelsea stated to People in 2015 that friendship always takes precedence over politics. I discovered it as a child by observing my parents' friendships with Arkansans from all political viewpoints.

Later that year, she told Vogue, "She still believes me and Ivanka to be very close friends." We get along really well.
She constantly pays attention to others around her and makes sure they are all having fun.

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