It Was Recently Revealed That Ian Harding And His Wife Sophie Hart Discreetly Welcomed A Child

It Was Recently Revealed That Ian Harding And His Wife Sophie Hart Discreetly Welcomed A Child
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Harding, who recently turned 36 years old, shared the news with his followers on social media that he and his wife, Sophie Hart, had become parents.

As a thank you for the birthday wishes, Harding shared a photo on his Facebook page that showed his hand being held by a child wearing a onesie printed with zebra stripes.

I'd want to thank everyone who wished me a happy birthday. His caption said, "I'm appreciative for many things this past year, but most of all I'm grateful for the best early birthday to present a fella could ask for." He was referring to the fact that his girlfriend was pregnant with their first child.

Although it is worded in a mysterious manner, it seems to be a confirmation that the actor and his photographer wife are parents to a child in their family. Reps for Harding were not immediately available for comment when contacted by PEOPLE.

The actor's character on Pretty Little Liars, Ezra Fitz, has also recently become a parent in-world, thanks to the fact that Imogen from Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin chose him and his wife, Aria Montgomery, to adopt the baby she was carrying.

According to the news that was initially revealed by E! News in August of last year, the intimate ceremony took place in October 2019.

The relationship between Harding and Hart dates back to 2011. It is not known whether the two were engaged before secretly getting married.

A picture of Harding sporting a ring on his left hand was posted to Instagram a few days before the news of his covert wedding became public. He provided the following captions for the sequence of shots: Back in Los Angeles and enjoying the good life, taking naps in trees and baskets among other things.

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