It Took a Long Time for Vin Diesel to Get Over Paul Walker's Death

It Took a Long Time for Vin Diesel to Get Over Paul Walker's Death
Credit: Source: Today

Paul Walker died in November 2013, during the filming of ‘Furious 7’ in a car accident. His co-stars and the film team paid tribute to the deceased actor by adding him digitally to the final scenes. However, Vin Diesel explained how difficult it was to complete the project without him.

To overcome this loss, Vin Diesel has been involved in other projects, including reprising his character of Xander Cage in ‘xXx.’

The 49-year-old actor said it took him a long time to switch gears after His friend died.

"I came out of a very intense experience with the filming of ‘Furious 7,’ including the loss of a brother,” he told People. “Because it was so intense, I had to choose to do another ‘xXx.’ I had to turn it so that I could smile and laugh again because the character I had played was so dark and had forced me to tap into such dark nooks, having to do it without someone I Loved.”

Vin Diesel has resumed his role as Dominic Toretto in the ‘Fast and the Furious 8’ which will be released in April.

Dwayne Johnson, Michelle Rodriguez and Ludacris are back along with new stars including Charlize Theron and British icon Helen Mirren.

"Helen Mirren, the incredible and beautiful Helen Mirren, accosted me at a Golden Globe party and threatened me with a beating if she was not in the next movie," said Vin Diesel smiling.

‘xXx: The Return of Xander Cage’ will be released January 20th across North America.


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