It Failed To Impress! Critics Call Megyn Kelly ‘Bride Of Frankenstein’ After Watching Her ‘Staged’ New NBC Show!

It Failed To Impress! Critics Call Megyn Kelly ‘Bride Of Frankenstein’ After Watching Her ‘Staged’ New NBC Show!

Megyn Kelly has finally debuted her own NBC Today show named after her, and the producers’ worst fears have become a reality. Kelly was slammed by many critics for utterly   failing to connect with the audience following her first installment.

‘If there was one message that Megyn Kelly sought to impart in the first installment of her new NBC talk show, Megyn Kelly Today, it was this: The old Megyn cannot come to the phone right now./NBC’s Megyn Kelly experiment unveils its latest creation, a morning-show Bride of Frankenstein,’ reports said about her first hosting job at NBC.

In addition, other critics thought that it seemed like Kelly had lost her intelligent persistence and integrity that made her so well known and respected initially.

The issues with her hosting just escalated until she finally said she was pretty much done with politics this year despite the fact that she interviewed controversial show host Alex Jones and even Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Another reporter compared the TV personality’s attempt at having a hit NBC show to a ‘HomeGoods catalog brought to life.’

During the segment, after Megyn jokingly questioned a fan on whether or not Will and Grace turned him gay, Kelly’s husband showed on stage with a bouquet of red roses.

Some other reporters seemed to think the new host was trying too hard to be herself if that makes any sense.

All in all, even insiders appear to believe that everything that happened during the first installment of Megyn Kelly Today was staged and carefully rehearsed beforehand.

The source claimed that even the roses her hubby surprised Kelly with were picked and paid for by the show’s production team.

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  • Sparke Addams
    Sparke Addams Sep 26, 2017 2:30 PM PDT

    I enjoyed the show, she's good at her job.

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