Issa Rae: The New Face Of Cover Girl

Issa Rae: The New Face Of Cover Girl
Source: Cover Girl

Insecure no more? Issa Rae, creator and star, of the hit HBO comedy, is now stepping into a new role as the face of Cover Girl. The talented rising star has made a name for herself as a funny storytelling innovator who feels deeply about showing the facets of a black girl who struggles with her awkward disposition.

Rae rose to fame after writing and creating a YouTube series that slowly amassed a huge following. Fast forward a couple years later and she's risen through the ranks and become one of the most noticeable faces in comedy. She's a self-made woman who didn't always feel particularly desirable, so seeing her personal and professional transformation seems like a well-deserved treat.

Just two days after the finale of the second season of her show, Rae broke the news that she had been selected to act as an ambassador Cover Girl, this also includes an ad campaign. This is so crucial and essential for a number of reasons, one of which is that awkwardness is rarely celebrated and appreciated.

It's also a huge deal because she's breaking the mold of what many perceive a black woman to do and be. She struggles, she says the wrong thing, and she's also a stunning woman.

Her beauty is showcased in an authentic and not often celebrated way that is refreshing and necessary. Rae has embraced being different and precisely who she is. Her authenticity only further magnifies and serves her natural beauty.

Her smooth brown skin, beautiful eyes, and bright smile are all physical features that only add to the nonphysical traits that make her such a unique powerhouse. Rae joins fellow Cover Girls such as Sofia Vergara, Drew Barrymore, Janelle Monae and Katy Perry.

The brand is recognized globally and Rae's pretty face will be seen in ads throughout hundreds of print magazines internationally.

In a press release regarding the announcement, Rae wrote: "Becoming a Cover Girl means a lot because the brand recognizes just how important it is for people to embrace their individuality and express themselves in unique and diverse ways. This has been a major part of my personal journey, and a message that I want to share with other."

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    She is super super hot she is what beauty looks like!!

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