Issa Rae Reveals How Becoming A CoverGirl Has Given Her More Confidence

Issa Rae Reveals How Becoming A CoverGirl Has Given Her More Confidence
Credit: E! Online

Issa Rae has a hit TV show, critically acclaimed ideas, just wrapped a role in her first feature film, and has become one of the new faces for powerhouse makeup brand Cover Girl. As the creator of a show named Insecure , it's not hard to imagine that Rae has had to come to terms with her own awkward brand of womanhood. She says that experimenting with makeup has helped tremendously to that end.

Issa admits that being chosen as the new CoverGirl gave her validation in a real way. In a way that being rewarded for her wit, humor and intelligence didn't necessarily give.

Rae was also thrilled to be amongst the company of other women of color that have been Cover Girls before her, such as Queen Latifah and Janelle Monae, who Rae is a big fan of. She feels that joining that type of company has been a great honor for her.

Rae says that when she goes through the application process with makeup, she enjoys the transformation and that it makes her feel good. Like she is providing herself with fun enhancements that just add to her outfit, jewelry or overall look. She even had a specific reaction to wearing one of the bold lip colors in the Cover Girl collection.

She admitted that it wasn't something that she would have necessarily picked to wear herself but during the shoot when it was put on her, she saw that she could really pull it off.

We're all for fearless, capable and smart women getting a confidence boost because after all, we're all human and we all have our specific insecurities. It's also worth noting that Rae's success happened rather instantaneously so she may also be getting used to what comes with a public persona.

There's no doubt about it, Rae has a specific type of beauty with her flawless skin, bright smile and focused eyes. She is further proof that representation matters and seeing different forms and types of beauty help people all over the world embrace and accept the reality of our differences.

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