Issa Rae And Many Others Are Shocked After Donald Trump ‘Likes’ Tweet About Her Show ‘Insecure’

Issa Rae And Many Others Are Shocked After Donald Trump ‘Likes’ Tweet About Her Show ‘Insecure’
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Issa Rae was very confused about the POTUS liking a tweet about her show, Insecure and so were many others on Twitter! Does the President really watch the HBO show?

It all started with a tweet referencing the latest episode of the TV show and Donald Trump was amongst those who left a like on it!

Whether that was on purpose or just an accident, it is still unclear at this point and people have been freaking out on the platform.

One fan proceeded to take a screencap of the liked tweet and tagged two of the show’s stars - Issa Rae and Natasha Rothwell.

Issa, who is also the co-creator of the series was just as shocked judging by her response, which was: ‘What the f*** is this.’

Fellow actor Kumail Nanjiani then jokingly tweeted that: ‘Well I found one thing I have in common with [Trump]: We’re both big fans of Issa Rae.’

Obviously, Issa, who is far from being a Trump supporter, responded with a gif saying: ‘Don’t say that. Shhh. Shh!’

Here are a few other reactions from Twitter users: ‘The revelation that Trump watches Insecure is so mind-shattering.’ / ‘I don’t know how to process this.’ / ‘So Trump is just in his bunker watching Insecure while we all out here fighting for human rights???’

Indeed, this revelation comes amid passionate protests against racial inequality and police brutality in the aftermath of George Floyd being senselessly murdered by a police officer.

Trump’s response to it all has not been the best and he’s been greatly criticized for inciting even more violence by encouraging the police forces to open fire on the peaceful protesters.

His tweet has been flagged for ‘glorifying violence’ in the meantime.

He has also been in hot water over reportedly hiding in a bunker when the protesters appeared in front of the White House as well as ordering for people to be teargassed just to make way for him to pose in front of a church with a bible in hand.


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