Is 'Vanderpump Rules' Star Scheana Marie Dating The Man She Tried To Set Brittany Cartwright Up With?

Is 'Vanderpump Rules' Star Scheana Marie Dating The Man She Tried To Set Brittany Cartwright Up With?
Source: Bravo

Scheana Marie has vowed to stay single for a year and that timeline is up in August. However, it does seem that the 'Vanderpump Rules' Star is involved with a couple men, including Adam Spott.

Adam Spott is a new addition at SUR. The handsome bartender became the center of attention after he was set up with Brittany Cartwright much to the dismay of Jax Taylor.

Scheana Marie was the mastermind to what she would hope to be a hookup to show Jax that if he wouldn't treat Brittany the way she deserves, there are a lot of men that would.

As you probably already know that didn't work out because Cartwright and Taylor are engaged.

However, it seems there's a possibility that Scheana might want him for herself.

For the past couple of months, Adam has been seen in multiple videos uploaded to Scheana's Snapchat.

Just this week, Adam and Marie attended a Chainsmokers concert together along with some other friends.


To add to the suspicion, Scheana sported a white dress the afternoon before the concert and titled it 'Date night."

The new season of 'VP' has started filming and this very well could be a part of Scheana's storyline since she is no longer with Rob Valletta.

In addition to Adam, Scheana is still close with "Bachelor in Paradise" alum Robby Hayes. Although they maintain the narrative that they're just really good friends, we can't help but remember the smokin' hot trip they took to Hawaii months ago .

Just because the 33-year-old is staying 'single' doesn't mean she isn't dating. A source close to the star claims: "Scheana is still kinda heartbroken over the situation with Rob. She's definitely having fun though. Everyone knows that she's a relationship person so I don't expect her to be single for long."

Do you think Scheana and Adam would make a good couple?


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