Is Tyra Banks Going To Be Fired From Dancing With The Stars?

Is Tyra Banks Going To Be Fired From Dancing With The Stars?
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Is Tyra Banks going to be fired from Dancing With the Stars ? That's a question many people are asking for several reasons. First, longtime fans of the show were floored and furious when they found out Tom Bergeron, who hosted the show for 15 years, would not return for Season 29. Not only was Tom suddenly let go, but so too was Erin Andrews. ABC consolidated both roles into one and handed it over to Tyra Banks . Fans have not been impressed. The outcry against Tyra Banks hosting Dancing With the Stars hasn't let up and after a serious blunder during week four, many suspect Tyra is going to be fired from the show.

The topic was addressed in the upcoming October 26, 2020, issue of Us Weekly magazine. According to a source whom the publication quoted, there is a lot of buzz suggesting Trya will be let go, though she appears to have favor with the powers-that-be. The insider stated the following to the publication.

It isn't going well. Tyra thinks because she has so much experience hosting, she doesn't have to prepare. She's also terrible at taking any feedback or constructive criticism.

There is no question that many viewers aren't happy with Tyra and they have publicly criticized her since they first learned she was taking over for Tom and Erin.

The official Dancing With the Stars Instagram account shared a photo slideshow featuring photos of the gorgeous model and the comment section was filled with comments suggesting Tyra be let go from the show. The slideshow's caption reads as follows.

THREE super swagged fits! Which one of @tyrabanks's looks did you like most from Monday's #80sNight? #DWTS

One person left this response.

None.. because this isn’t the Tyra show. That went off the air.. quit cutting off the judges and hogging all the show time. Come on now.

Another person replied with this remark.


And another wrote this.

None of them, her costume changes are a RIDICULOUS distraction, it's not the freaking t banks show. This is SO ANNOYING I don't even enjoy this show anymore. I used to really like her, but this just isn't working for me anymore.

Though the powers-that-be may like Tyra, if the show loses viewers because she replaced Tom and Erin, that might be a mistake that Dancing With the Stars simply can't overlook.

You may see the photo slideshow featuring Tyra Banks' outfits on Dancing With the Stars below.

What do you think? Should Tyra Banks be fired from Dancing With the Stars ?


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