Is Tom Sandoval Jealous Of Stassi Schroeder's Book Success?

Is Tom Sandoval Jealous Of Stassi Schroeder's Book Success?
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Vanderpump Rule's is exploring new grounds as they add cast members and storylines. There has never been a time where Tom Sandoval appeared to be the villain and Stassi Schroeder the hero until now.

In recent episodes of the show, Sandoval went ballistic when he found out that Tom Tom would be hosting Stassi's book signing party.

The reality star not only took out his anger on his business partner, Tom Schwartz, but also rage texted Schroeder in the middle of the night over an event that was already cleared by Lisa Vanderpump herself.

Tom was wrong from every perspective possible and offered her a surface apology.

To viewers, it definitely seemed like there was malice involved and it could be because Sandoval is jealous that Stassi put out a book before he and Ariana Madix did.

A caller asked on Watch What Happens Live if Stassi also thinks her co-star had the green-eyed monster and her answer may surprise you.


'They were an echo of negativity but I don’t think it was for that reason. I just think Sandoval doesn’t like me. That’s it. Since season one I just don’t [feel the love]. I definitely don’t. It was a totally different type of book so we can’t even compare them and their book hadn’t even come out yet.'

Speaking of Ariana, she recently made it clear that she wasn't on her boyfriend's side for once and explained that there was a lot more going on than meets the eye.

Madix told the Daily Dish podcast: 'There were some very serious issues with that event but that was not on Stassi. That was on [Tom Schwarts]. There was a lot of miscommunication and things that didn’t go through the proper channels in the way that things normally would get planned there.'

Why do you think Tom Sandoval reacted the way he did?


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