Is Tom Cruise Ready To Reconcile With Estranged Daughter Suri? Katie Holmes Is Saying This To Friends

Is Tom Cruise Ready To Reconcile With Estranged Daughter Suri? Katie Holmes Is Saying This To Friends
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For many years, rumors have been claiming that Tom Cruise has found every excuse in the book to avoid spending quality time with his daughter, Suri, whom he shares with ex-wife Katie Holmes.

A new report has surfaced claiming that the former couple has found a way to solve their differences.

Earlier this week, Suri celebrated her 12th birthday, and according to several sources, the action star made a move not only to see his little girl but also to send her an exceptional gift.

The person close to Katie said she was very moved and happy by the present Tom sent to the preteen.

The same insider explained that the former Dawson's Creek actress would not be sharing any of the details about the special moment between the father and daughter.

The family friend also stated that Katie would not be talking about the present that her daughter received.

Tom is a very private man and prefers for his life to stay that way and therefore what takes place between himself and his children will not be made public.

The tipster told Hollywood Life : “Suri gets a gift from Tom on her birthday every year and this year was no exception. It is not something Katie talks about though, beyond saying that Tom does always come through with gifts for things like birthdays and Christmas. She is very tight-lipped.”

The pal added: “Katie’s much more open about Suri’s relationship with Jamie. They are very close, and Katie could not be more thrilled. Jamie is a dream stepdad. He has already raised one amazing daughter, so he has got experience. He knows the ropes. And Suri is very bonded with him. They have a fantastic relationship. Katie says she loves Jamie that much more because of how great he is with her daughter.”

Holmes shared a sweet photo of her daughter on her special day, and she was showered with love.

One follower said: "How do our littles get to be 1? 5? 10? & 12? Where does the time go? Happy belated 12th to your darling Suri.Oh, so lovely! I thought it was Katie Holmes in the picture! Ur, daughter and my daughter, were born in the sane week. Lovely to see her grow through the years."

A second commenter added: "Happy Birthday Suriano! You are beautiful like mama and a beautiful mama's girl. One more year till she’s a teenager!! She’s growing so fast! Happy birthday Suri."

A third person claimed: "Wow - for a moment I thought that was you posting a pic of yourself when you were a little girl - twins! Happy Birthday! NB You give inspiration to single moms everywhere, Katie Holmes."

Fans are happy that Tom is seeing his daughter again.

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