Is Tiny Harris' Daughter Pregnant? T.I.'s Wife Finally Sets The Record Straight While Sharing New Hair Color Pictures

Is Tiny Harris' Daughter Pregnant? T.I.'s Wife Finally Sets The Record Straight While Sharing New Hair Color Pictures
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Mama Tiny Harris has finally decided to address these long-running rumors that her oldest daughter, Zonnique Pullins, is pregnant.

This week, the talented singer and dancer, who is dating rapper Bandhunta Izzy, shared a few pictures where she is showing off her new plum hair color, and all of her fans asked if she is hiding her pregnancy.

One person claimed the photo smelled like pregnancy. Zonnique responded by saying, what does it smell like.

Another commenter stated that she needs to show her stomach, T.I.'s stepdaughter hit back with the simple fact that it is winter and she needs to wear a sweater.

Tiny also jumped in the comment section to pour cold water on the pregnancy allegations.

One fan said: "That nose spreading. She has the sweetest soul just like her momma ❤️Why does it matter she’s grown anyways."

One follower said to leave Zonnique alone and added: "She’s young and enjoying life why would she want to have a baby right now ????😔 Yall do know that some women do aspire to be more than baby 👶 moms right ?????? Ugh. When she does have a baby, it will be loved and taken care of. More than what a lot of people do these days. Why do we always have to guess let people say they’re pregnant on their own terms, why are we looking for someone else pregnancy."

This supporter explained: "girlllll let me find out Izzy got that thang knocked already lol. She is happy with her man that will put a few pounds on any woman. Lmaoooo why can’t she enjoy her life? Y’all want these girls to be pregnant so bad so y’all can judge them for having a baby. I'm confused. And if she were her baby would have more money than everyone asking her. People weird lol."

Another woman stated: "Girl focus on your growth and development! Babies can wait! That is very becoming on you it brings richness to your skin color. Next time try hot cinnamon not red really or orange or brown. I love the colors you choose real fun. I remember my youth with my time with kool-aid and food coloring I kept them guessing. Yes for real at one time I had rainbow hair lol #beingmywholeself."

Fans also agree that Tiny would be a very sexy granny and T.I. would be a wise and hilarious grandfather.

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  • Bonnie Dawson
    Bonnie Dawson Feb 1, 2019 7:16 PM PST

    Zonnique WHATEVER you WANT to do is your business NOT ours ! Haters that's DUMB people commenting on if you are NOT in your business have NO rights to ! Just be yourself girl, there is NOTHING wrong with that ! Haters are jealous because you got something that they don't ! Have fun !

  • Antincia Foster
    Antincia Foster Feb 1, 2019 1:44 PM PST

    Very pretty

  • LaWanda McIntosh
    LaWanda McIntosh Feb 1, 2019 10:27 AM PST

    Congratulations 🎉 young Queen!!

  • Karren
    Karren Feb 1, 2019 4:28 AM PST

    She wear hair pieces so how can she tell us how to get long and stronger hair I'm just asking

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