Is The Family Of Love & Hip-Hop Star Moniece Slaughter Fighting With Brandy Norwood?

Is The Family Of Love & Hip-Hop Star Moniece Slaughter Fighting With Brandy Norwood?

There isn't a person in the world who saw this coming! In a report from BET, the publication claims there is drama heating up between Brandy Norwood and Moniece Slaughter's family. The mother of the Love & Hip-Hop star used her Instagram account recently to attack the singer in a long post.

Moniece's mom claimed Brandy allegedly had a bad influence on her son. Marla Thomas - the mother of the Love And Hip-Hop: Hollywood star - used her respective social media to divulge on all of the reasons why she has grown to not like Brandy.

In her post, she wrote that she has "sat quietly over the past four months" as she noticed her ever-increasing negative influence on her son's life.

She claimed, "as I watch her pull lie after lie out of her bag of stones and toss them around effortlessly," so now it's finally time for Marla to speak her mind.

And while we don't know exactly what she's referring to, by the menacing tone of her post, we can only assume it's the worst!

As for what Brandy has been up to lately, fans will remember she recently fell unconscious on a Delta flight out of Los Angeles.

At the time, TMZ reported that the flight attendants on board shouted, "is there a doctor on the plane?" Brandy - who is the sibling of Ray J - was flying to New York City on the Delta Airlines when she passed out.

Not long after, Brandy was in the news again as fans on her social media thought she was pregnant due to her stomach appearing much larger than normal.

Other celebrities have come out to criticize the tendency of social media users to criticize peoples' bodies, however, Brandy appeared to be unbothered by the comments as she wrote, "my stomach does look a bit bigger doesn't it?"


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