Is The Courtroom Sketch Of Johnny Depp Really From The Trial?

Is The Courtroom Sketch Of Johnny Depp Really From The Trial?
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Johnny Depp is currently in a court of law in the United Kingdom regarding his libel lawsuit against the owners of The Sun . Page Six picked up on a social media wave recently in which users have been mocking a new depiction of Depp on the stand.

As it was previously reported, the 57-year-old actor is currently facing off against The Sun after they accused him of being a "wife-beater" in one of their articles from 2018, April. A new courtroom sketch depicts the actor sitting on the stand while wearing glasses and a disheveled expression.

Fans online weren't impressed by the depiction, with many arguing that it bears little resemblance to the way Depp really looks. One person online joked that being a court artist who suddenly has to draw Johnny Depp would be a bizarre experience.

Other users stated that Depp should be very upset over the depiction of him on the stand, because of his reputation for being dark and handsome.

Some users argued the opposite, stating that there must be something bothering the actor. One user joked that it looked like Depp was waiting for someone to die. And while most have assumed the picture is authentic, other users have hypothesized that it's not even from the trial due.

The news of the courtroom sketch comes not long after the actor's second day in front of a judge.

The actor's reputation was called into question before the court over an incident in which he reportedly smashed a trailer due to Amber's behavior at a party. The outlet claims Johnny became very jealous after Heard became intimate with another woman.

A lawyer for The Sun, Sasha Wass, claims Depp became enraged with her. Wass also accused Depp of s lapping Amber after she made fun of his Winona Ryder tattoo.

As it was previously reported, Depp is now suing the outlet over a two-year-old article in which The Sun accused Depp of being a domestic abuser. The Pirates of the Caribbean star has vehemently denied all of the allegations and claims Amber was the perpetrator.

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