Is Taylor Swift's 'Ready For It' About Harry Styles Or Joe Alwyn?

Is Taylor Swift's 'Ready For It' About Harry Styles Or Joe Alwyn?
Source: Taylor Swift Vevo

Taylor Swift is riding high on the success of the first two singles from her upcoming Reputation album, but fans want to know who the songs are about. Theories abound as to both "Look What You Made Me Do" and her newly released second single "Ready For It" and whom the songs are referring to.

It's no secret that Taylor Swift likes to write songs about her ex-boyfriends, and it might not come as much of a surprise that people suspect "Ready For It" is about Harry Styles.

Here are several reasons why fans think "Ready For It" was written with Harry Styles in mind, as well as some points that may indicate the song is about her current boyfriend Joe Alwyn. One portion of the "Ready For It" lyrics refers to the young age of the man she is singing about.

The lyrics indicate the man is younger than her exes. Both Harry Styles and Joe Alwyn are younger than the other men she's dated.

Because "Ready For It" sounds more like a love song than a song about revenge, many fan theories indicate the song is about Swift's current boyfriend Joe Alwyn. Additionally, Taylor Swift and Harry Styles broke up in 2013, and Taylor has had several notable boyfriends since she and Styles ended their relationship. It seems unusual that she would return to writing about Styles after all that time.

Another lyric in the song refers to island breezes. This has caused some fans to speculate that she is singing about the time when she and Harry Styles took a vacation in the Caribbean together. Another theory is that when she referred to the man as being a ghost, she was hinting at Harry Styles as he has the song "Two Ghosts."

At this point, there is nothing definitive that states "Ready For It" is about Harry Styles or Joe Alwyn. As the song becomes more popular and once Taylor begins speaking out publicly regarding Reputation , we might hear some comments that will help rectify the issue.

What do you think of "Ready For It?" Do you like the single? Do you think Taylor Swift is singing about Harry Styles or current beau Joe Alwyn?


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