Is Taylor Swift Playing The College Football National Championship Halftime Show? Reports Are Mixed

Is Taylor Swift Playing The College Football National Championship Halftime Show? Reports Are Mixed
Source: Entertainment Tonight

Taylor Swift is enjoying the heights of success from her upcoming sixth album Reputation as her first two singles soared to the top of the charts. Now, Entertainment Tonight is reporting that Taylor has landed the halftime show for the College Football National Championship that will take place in Atlanta, Georgia, January 2018. According to ET, the deal was made via ESPN and not only will Taylor perform at the halftime show, but they will continue to release new music from Reputation . Other sources are saying that the report is inaccurate.

The report sounds plausible as ESPN first aired Swift's second single from Reputation "Ready For It" during the Florida vs Alabama game. While more of Swift fans are preparing to watch more college football than ever before, USA Today is reporting that there is no deal between Swift and ESPN for her to perform at the halftime show.

Is Swift really set to perform at the College Football National Championship game and is ESPN trying to keep a lid on it? Right now it's too early to determine what is fact from fiction.

What is clear is that Swift chose the Saturday college football game to release "Ready For It" making it evident there is a deal in the works.

Reputation is set for release on November 10, and already, the first two singles have been used in various media promotions. The first single "Look What You Made Me Do" made its grand debut at the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs).

Following that release, ABC used the song to promote their Thursday television line up. ESPN used "Look What You Made Me Do" as an advertisement for their Florida vs Alabama college football game. ABC and ESPN are sister networks.

Like "Look What You Made Me Do", "Ready For It" was also used for promotion of the Florida vs Alabama football game.

What do you think about the report? Do you think that since ESPN has used both songs, there is truth to Entertainment Tonight's original report? Will you watch more college football if Swift has inked a deal with ESPN?

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