Is Tamar Braxton Ready For Divorce?

Is Tamar Braxton Ready For Divorce?

Tamar Braxton and Vince Herbert's matrimony has been in dire-straits for the last while, but it looks like it may finally be ending for good! The singer - who is also an actress - posted a dark and gloomy meme on Instagram yesterday, September 2nd, which hinted at their deteriorating relationship.

In the post, she wrote - and we're paraphrasing here - she is learning some people are just no good for her no matter what she does.

Now, we're not entirely sure who she's referring to, but we could only assume it's her husband!

Braxton finished her post with, "Preserve your Peace!! It is yours!"

Check out the cryptic message below:

If that isn't good enough evidence for you the publication, Rhymes With Snitch, reported that Tamar started crying on Instagram live while simultaneously telling her fans that someone treats her like "she would be nothing without them."

And even though Vince's name wasn't mentioned, we can only assume the subliminal message indicting her husband is there at the forefront.

Tamar has had a rough past couple of years! Fans will remember she was fired from The Real in 2016 - sometime around May.

Braxton confirmed she was let go from her position on the talk show during an appearance on The Steve Harvey Morning Show.

After she left the series, Steve Harvey gave Tamar the opportunity to create and produce her own show with the help of 112th Street Productions.

She also left Epic Records in 2016 and signed with eOne Records for a $1 million deal. Despite her trouble with both her relationships and her career, it looks like nobody can hold Tamar back, as her single went to number 5 on the US R & B chart. She also appeared in an episode of In The Cut in 2016.


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  • deborah
    deborah Sep 21, 2017 4:27 PM PDT

    I think it is called being a friend and not judging what you do in your private life. Maybe it is Rose that has the problem. This is for Hazel get you a financial planner so what coin you are making you can keep, invest it wisely. You can tell you are not use to having good things, because when you have money you do not need to announce what you are wearing and the cost. This is call new money and soon you will be back where you started if you do not watch out. Be you and not Nikki Baby1, looking like a clone and not a good one. Also if you have a beef while do all of the reality shows wait until it is a event, instead of reaching out to that person and talking to them. Remember when finding out the truth, it is his story, her story and then the truth.

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