Is Steve Harvey Getting Blacklisted From Hollywood? TV Host Can't Book One A-List Celebrity

Is Steve Harvey Getting Blacklisted From Hollywood? TV Host Can't Book One A-List Celebrity
Source: The Hollywood Reporter

It seems like Steve Harvey's alleged grimy ways are catching up to him. The well-known host has moved his talk show, "The Steve Harvey Show," from Chicago to Los Angeles in hopes to be able to book some bigger names in the star-studded city, but insiders say it isn't working out.

The actor has had a hard year in the media and his nonchalant attitude isn't helping him get back in the good graces of Hollywood's big wigs.

Harvey has an inspiring story of going from homeless to touring comedian. Becoming good friends with some of the biggest names in comedy like Cedric the Entertainer, Bernie Mac, and Eddie Murphy made Steve Harvey a household name.

The younger generation started to admire him, even more, when many of his hilarious reactions to "Family Feud" answers while hosting went viral.

Harvey still appeared to be a big name until his past came to light and his behavior changed over the past year and a half.

Between a lawsuit from his ex-wife who detailed Harvey's wrongdoings as a husband and a father, the attention garnered on his current wife's checkered past, and the release of his list of demands while on set -- Steve has lost his appeal.

Additionally, the 60-year-old lost fans when he went off on a Flint caller during a radio spat where he ended up telling the person to "enjoy your nice brown glass of water."

Now an insider told Radar Online: "It’s a disaster! Execs assumed moving Steve from Chicago to L.A. would make it easier to get stars on his show. It hasn’t worked. Steve has zero relationships with Hollywood, and he’s hired people who tell him ‘yes’ instead of producers connected to A-list managers and publicists."

Do you think Steve will ever be able to regain the respect that he once had?

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  • Virgie A. McLean
    Virgie A. McLean Oct 28, 2017 6:54 PM PDT

    Regarding the meeting with Trump, I understand Steve's position about having a seat at the table, where I disagree with him is that we never had a real seat at the table, its all a illusion. It's a show that's all Look what 45 has done so far, rest my case

  • Dru
    Dru Sep 21, 2017 4:03 PM PDT

    This is a man that has no give Mr. ED(" the horse" )his teeth back.

  • Tychinna Pratt
    Tychinna Pratt Sep 21, 2017 11:23 AM PDT

    I'm with you Ms.Veronica, he got too big for his britches and thought he was ALL high and mighty shacking up the "The Don", he obviously forgot who got him this far. He's finally just showing who he really is and was all along. Nuff said.....

  • Carole Miller
    Carole Miller Sep 21, 2017 9:32 AM PDT

    He deserves it. The suits NO,NO. Steve you look horrible in them,dump them in trash at dumpster so they can burn them

  • Gloria C.
    Gloria C. Sep 21, 2017 9:24 AM PDT

    Cannot stand this man! He's not funny and uses entirely too much profanity for daytime TV. Every channel I turn on, there he is with that big-a$$ baldhead amd that stupid sheepish grin! Have a seat Steve Harvey!

  • Kim Glaze
    Kim Glaze Sep 21, 2017 6:17 AM PDT

    i was on a Tom Joiner cruise years ago,and he was a feature celebrity.he did not give autographs,and was heard sayings keep them off me.he did not want to be talked to or looked at it seems! so,go back to living in your car!

    • Eden Smith
      Eden Smith Sep 21, 2017 3:08 PM PDT

      ALWAYS TRYING 2 USE RELIGION & DON'T MEAN IT .. HA HA!! WELL NOW HE NEEDS IT! GOD DON'T LIKE WHEN PPL USES HIS NAME IN VAIN.. & WOMEN ESPECIALLY!! Now he got a "FAMILY FEUD" .. ON HIS HANDS!! & lightskinned wife GON' LEAVE .. ✌ 2 YA STEVE! P.S. U shouldn't have mocked MY SISTER'S NAME being funny when she took time 2 come see UR FUNNY LOOKIN' SELF in CHICAGO!! HA HA!!!!!!

  • Chris
    Chris Sep 21, 2017 4:22 AM PDT

    That meeting with Trump messed him up also.

  • Antoinette Mcdonald
    Antoinette Mcdonald Sep 21, 2017 3:48 AM PDT

    Steve Harvey should have met with president Obama to build up homes in the inter city that needs the affordable housing instead of waiting to meet with Donald Trump.

  • Veronica Robinson
    Veronica Robinson Sep 20, 2017 11:39 PM PDT

    What goes around comes around. It's about time he went down for everything he did to his ex-wife and others.

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