Is Scott Disick Rejoining The Kardashian Fold? Kourtney's Ex Attends #NYFW Show With Matriarch Kris Jenner

Is Scott Disick Rejoining The Kardashian Fold? Kourtney's Ex Attends #NYFW Show With Matriarch Kris Jenner

Reports have recently claimed Scott Disick, ex-boyfriend of Kourtney Kardashian and father of their three children, had a rough nosedive last month after a hard summer of partying. Sources alleged that Disick had a bit of an episode that was concerning and landed him on a brief psychiatric hold.

This report came after a summer filled with girls, booze, and parties. It seemed every other week, there were paparazzi shots of Disick galavanting somewhere tropical and scenic with a new thin girl on his arm.

Many attributed his behavior to his breakup with Kourtney. Apparently, he had made a last ditch effort to save their relationship by proposing and Kourtney wasn't having it.

Despite whatever struggles Disick went through this summer or how strained his dynamic is with his children's mother, he's still getting along great with other members of the family.

So much so that he was seen walking arm in arm with momager Kris Jenner in New York last night as they supported model Kendall Jenner at the Daily Front Row Media Awards.

Sister Kim Kardashian West was also in attendance in support of her younger sibling. It seems that her relationship with Disick also remains in good standing after the two of them were seen having lunch out in New York City the night prior.

It stands to reason that the quippy, clever father of three would still have a good rapport with a family that he spent so much time within for so long. Not only had he and Kourtney been together for numerous years and have children together, he was integrated into that family and relative fame, by proxy. Add in the fact that he's recently lost both of his parents, it's no surprise he would still feel close to this ex's mother and her siblings.

This commonly happens when relationships are long term and involve cohabitation. There's really no telling if this means anything for the future of himself and Kourtney other than co-parenting their kids amicably but it certainly seems as if he's very much still apart of the family.


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