Is Scott Baio Being Targeted And Blacklisted Because He Supports President Trump? Some Say Yes!

Is Scott Baio Being Targeted And Blacklisted Because He Supports President Trump? Some Say Yes!
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Scott Baio says it happened when he supported then-presidential candidate Mitt Romney — now he says it has happened because he supports President Donald Trump. Scott Baio believes that he has been targetted and blacklisted due to his political beliefs. He's also not the only conservative who feels this way. Many celebrities who have publicly identified as being a Republican or a Trump supporter feel as though they have been blacklisted and that Hollywood has turned its back on them. For Scott Baio, it is worse. He believes that he was targeted by Nicole Eggert and Alex Polinsky and accused of child sexual and emotional abuse because he appeared at the Republican National Convention and has outspokenly promoted President Donald Trump.

Nicole Eggert and Alex Polinsky made tweets at the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018 hinting at alleged mistreatment by Scott Baio.  On February 14, 2018, there was no confusion. Accompanied by their attorney Lisa Bloom, they held a press conference and made their allegations of abuse against Scott public. Though Scott was never charged, convicted, or even spoke to authorities, he feels that everything he has worked for in his life has been taken from him. But to Scott, it is more than just the allegations — it is the motive he believes is behind them.

For the past several weeks, Scott Baio and his digital strategist, public relations friend Brian Glicklich, shared a bounty of audio recordings , screenshots, videos, and an extensive article that Brian wrote detailing the allegations against Scott and their evidence they have collected to disprove them.

Brian Glicklich wrote about the allegations and Scott's belief they were politically motivated. He wrote the following when describing how Dr. Oz had reached out to have Alex Polinsky and Nicole Eggert appear on the show. Only Nicole went on and she later accused Dr. Oz of "sandbagging" her.

"But Dr. Oz producers had reached out because they were looking for their own big #metoo moment, and while they liked Polinsky’s story, it wasn’t enough. It wasn’t #metoo. It was only when Polinsky brought Nicole Eggert into the picture that they became excited. Eggert told them a story of having sex with Scott Baio before she was 18. Eggert claimed she would be supported by other members of the cast.

Scott Baio was a big target, a teen heartthrob turned politically conservative in adulthood, and an avid Donald Trump supporter who spoke at the 2016 Republican Convention, which infuriated Polinsky. He was controversial, and controversy drives ratings. Having Nicole Eggert charge Scott Baio on-air with statutory rape would be a huge story any time, but in the dawning days of #metoo, it was a surefire ratings blockbuster."

Nicole Eggert and Alex Polinsky haven't responded to Baio's and Glicklich's public statements.

You may read Brian Glicklich's full article below.

Here is Scott Baio with his wife, Renee, and President Donald Trump.

While Scott Baio and many others believe he has been targeted for his political beliefs, it doesn't stop there. There is a current petition that is gaining signatures after it was revealed that ABC VP Dawn Soler refused to work with Scott but referred to him as Scott "Trump" Baio." Due to the moniker, conservatives are outraged and sounding of on social media that Scott Baio has been unfairly targeted due to his political beliefs.

The petition has a lengthy description that talks about Hollywood's long-time practice of blacklisting people. A portion of the description that calls for an investigation into Dawn Soler reads as follows.

"Ms. Soler and others in Hollywood who practice BLACKLISTING of Republican actors, producers, writers, musicians, and other entertainers should not be tolerated in 2020 and Ms. Soler should be IMMEDIATELY investigated by the ABC Network, Disney, SAG, and AFTRA for her behavior against Mr. Baio, other actors, entertainers, and others in her employ for her unethical behavior and unprofessional code of conduct."

You may see the petition in the tweet below.

What do you think? Are conservatives being blacklisted? Is Scott Baio being targeted for his political beliefs?

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