Is Scarlett Johansson Avoiding Marrying Colin Jost?

Is Scarlett Johansson Avoiding Marrying Colin Jost?
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Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost have been dating for two years, but now a new report by Star is questioning is their wedding is on hold. The February 3, 2020, issue questions whether Scarlett is getting cold feet. The mother of six-year-old daughter Rose has walked down the aisle twice before. Scarlett was married to Ryan Reynolds from 2008 until 2011. She then married Romain Dauriac from 2014 through 2017. Star quoted a source who stated that Scarlett is getting cold feet about the upcoming wedding and that Colin Jost is losing patience with his Black Widow bride to be.

The source told the magazine that Scarlett is worried things might not work out after she has had two marriages fall apart. The source stated the following to the outlet.

"Scarlett's seen how you can enter a marriage with big expectations of everlasting love, only to have things sour quickly. She's keeping Colin at bay for the time being while she sorts out her feelings. Scarlett wonders if she's even cut out for wedded bliss."

If Scarlett is getting cold feet, you'd never know it based on some latest photos of Scarlett and Colin at the latest award shows.

You may see some photos of Scarlett and Colin in the slideshow player below.

Also at issue for Scarlett's wedding plans is how Colin interacts with her daughter Rose. According to the source, Rose adores Colin and they get along great. Still, Scarlett has some concerns, the source stated the following to the publication.

"Scarlett believes he'll be a good stepdad but she doesn't want to make a family of the three of them only to see the marriage go south."

Scarlett's not wrong to be concerned about committing in a marriage because it isn't just her anymore. She needs to think of what will happen to Rose if she and Colin break up and he comes and leaves Rose's life.

The source also stated that Colin is getting tired of paying for the mistakes Scarlett experienced with her and her past relationships.

What do you think? Do you believe the report? Do you think that Scarlett is putting off marrying Colin Jost?

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