Is Ray J Backtracking On The Comments He Supposedly Made? - Or Is He Really Innocent?

Is Ray J Backtracking On The Comments He Supposedly Made? - Or Is He Really Innocent?

According to Ray J, he didn't actually say those things about Kim Kardashian. As it was previously reported, multiple outlets claimed that the married reality star dished on his romance and sex life with the now-married Kim Kardashian.

Ray J denied making the salacious claims included in a British tabloid magazine. The Sun published a report featuring quotes from the singer where he discussed his sex life with Kim Kardashian in detail, including about how she liked to look perfect during sex, and how much money she spent on lingerie.

In the report, Ray J supposedly said Kardashian had in her possession a Louis Vuitton trunk filled to the top with sex toys. Moreover, the interview quoted him as saying that she spent $100,000 on G-string underwear alone.

As soon as Kim Kardashian heard the news, she came out on Twitter to accuse Ray J of being a "pathological liar." Kim isn't the only one to respond. Ray J's current wife, Princess Love, went on Twitter to say she was trying to "figure out" why Ray J would say things like that in an interview with a British tabloid.

It looks like The Sun may have to apologize for their salacious report if Ray J really didn't say those things. An insider explained, "Ray J definitely likes to brag for an audience, but I'm pretty sure he didn't say that."

"I've known him personally for a while, and it isn't like him to go that far. Those comments were a bit much, and he must've known they would've gotten out to Princess Love. I don't think he said any of it."

As fans of the Kardashians know, Ray J played a crucial role in the rise of Kim Kardashian and the rest of her family.

Ray J and Kim released a sex tape which subsequently went viral online. To this day, some people believe it was all manufactured for the sake of publicity, while taking inspiration from Paris Hilton, who many women adore to this day, including Kendall Jenner.


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  • Pat
    Pat Nov 7, 2018 11:37 PM PST

    RJ cannot get Kim out of his head. Brandy stay out of grown folks business because u cannot say anything about your pimp brother. It's hard to get someone like Kim out of your head so don't defend RJ. You need to tell him to respect his wife.

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