Is Queen Elizabeth The Real Reason For Prince Harry And Prince William's Royal Split?

Is Queen Elizabeth The Real Reason For Prince Harry And Prince William's Royal Split?
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Queen Elizabeth is now 93 years old, and she is starting to prepare for the future of the monarchy by delegating some of her responsibilities to her son Prince Charles - the heir to the throne - as well as her grandson, Prince William, who is second in line. Could William’s new royal duties be the real reason behind his royal split with his younger brother, Prince Harry?

A decade ago, Prince William and Prince Harry started The Royal Foundation in honor of their late mother, Princess Diana. The foundation’s purpose was to continue her charitable legacy, and the two brothers focused on shared philanthropic goals like wildlife conservation, the armed services community, and mental health.

Over the years, both men have become husbands and fathers - and this has led to changing priorities and goals for the brothers and the Royal Foundation. But the biggest difference that has emerged between them is that William’s future is very different from that of his brother.

William is now starting to prepare for his role as the future King of England and is doing “a lot of this heavy lifting” because the Queen has offloaded a lot of her work. Royal author Juliet Rieden says that this is the real reason why William and Harry have started to go their separate ways.

"This is Prince Harry and Prince William going their separate ways with their wives – they’re almost setting up two separate courts,” Rieden told Nine News Australia . "It did surprise me because back in February 2018 we had that wonderful Fab 4 on stage, doing wonderful things. A whole brave new world for the Royal Family. We’d never seen this sort of presentation, it was almost like a brand presentation. We’ve never seen that sort of thing before so it felt like this was going to be the way forward.”

Rieden says that William, Harry, Kate Middleton, and Meghan Markle appeared to be taking on the world when they all appeared together on stage last February to talk about their new partnership at The Royal Foundation, so for her, it felt strange for them to part ways so soon.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will now use The Royal Foundation as their “principal charitable and philanthropic vehicle,” and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will establish their own charity. However, they will continue to work together on things like their mental health program “Heads Together.”


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  • alohalu
    alohalu Jan 19, 2020 6:04 AM PST

    Her Majesty should delete the 'Duke&Duchess of Sussex' title from H&M as they are only using the title name to profit their foundation. If they are bent on providing their own financial means by severing from their required royal duties, then it should not include a royal name. They should NOT be using a Royal Name to capitalize on its value to raise funds for their SUSSEX ROYAL DUKE & DUCHESS OF SUSSEX Foundation. Seems like they want their cake & eat it too! Shouldn't have it both ways. Its one or the other. Queen should have them use a name more suited for their lack of service to the royal family.

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