Is Miley Cyrus Freaking Out Over Plastic Hearts Record Sales?

Is Miley Cyrus Freaking Out Over Plastic Hearts Record Sales?
Credit: Source: Miley Cyrus/Mick Rock/Instagram

Is Miley Cyrus freaking out over record sales regarding her new album Plastic Hearts ? According to an upcoming article in the January 27, 2021, issue of In Touch Weekly, Miley is fuming over Plastic Hearts' record sales. The album dropped on Black Friday and that caused shipment issues for a number of retailers. Though the report states that Miley is furious she isn't presenting that to the public. In fact, one of Miley's recent tweets is about her thankfulness for topping the charts for five weeks.

Miley shared the following on Twitter.

5 weeks #1 on the rock charts w/ #PlasticHearts. Seems like a hard time to be “happy” with so much sadness surrounding all of us but the support being shown to this record can’t be overlooked. My upmost gratitude to everyone listening and relating to this album.

You may see Miley Cyrus ' tweet below.

A source stated the following to In Touch Weekly about the record sales.

Miley is furious. It's one of the recrods she's most proud of making, and she threw a fit when she learned sales aren't goigns so well.

Miley has changed her sound over the years and has truly evolved as a musical artist. She is making rock and roll history by performing with some of the greatest musical artists and sampling many of their songs. She's performed with legendary bands and artists such as Billy Idol, Joan Jett, and The Doors.

One of the greatest fights Miley Cyrus has had in her career is her image. She was known to millions as Disney's Hannah Montana and she blew up that image as soon as she was of legal age. She became famous for sticking out her tongue, twerking, and wearing barely-there-outfits on stage that left horrified mothers of pre-teen girls screaming in protest.

While Miley's image was changing, her musical style was as well. Miley shifted from her goody-too-shoes, Pollyanna songs to a wide range of genres including hip-hop and psychedelic rock. Now, it seems that Miley has found herself a home in the rock genre and her wild-child nature suits her there.

The problem is that her fans are also changing. Though some have evolved along with Miley, many of those who admired her for her Hannah Montana songs are wondering when they will hear "The Climb" part 2.

At this point, it appears that Miley is happy with being a rock star, and for every fan that she might lose on the way, another will take their place.




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