Is Meghan Markle Using Baby Archie As A Weapon? Will Queen Elizabeth Ever See Archie Again?

Is Meghan Markle Using Baby Archie As A Weapon? Will Queen Elizabeth Ever See Archie Again?
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Queen Elizabeth is 93-years-old and despite Megxit, reports say that Prince Harry adores his grandmother. So why was the decision made to leave baby Archie home in Vancouver while Prince Harry and Meghan Markle performed their last official duties as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex? Now, some are saying that Meghan Markle is using baby Archie as a weapon against the Queen and they worry that Her Majesty may never see Archie again! The upcoming March 16, 2020, issue of US magazine quotes a source who says Queen Elizabeth wants to be a part of Archie's life, but it looks like that simply isn't going to happen.

According to the outlet, it isn't just Queen Elizabeth who is distraught over losing time with baby Archie. Prince William and Princess Kate had hoped their children would grow up and have a close bond with their little cousin, but now that seems unlikely as well.

The insider told the outlet that Princess Kate tries to arrange times when her children (Prince George, 6; Princess Charlotte, 4; Prince Louis,1) can at least facetime Archie but that isn't happening either.

The source stated the following.

"Since Harry and Meghan relocated, William and Kate have made every effort to arrange something, but all they keep hearing is how busy Archie is."

Another source dished on Queen Elizabeth's feelings to the outlet.

"Elizabeth was heartbroken over the thought of not getting to see her great-grandson. She's been tearfully confiding in Charles about how upsetting it is that she's missing out on all of his milestones."

And a different source had this to say.

"The queen's worst fear is that she may never see Archie again. She's trying to stay optimistic about this situation and would never stoop to casting any aspersions on Meghan's character — even after everything that's happened."

What do you think? Do you think Meghan Markle is isolating Prince Harry from his family and doing the same thing to Archie? Is she keeping Archie away from his royal family including his Uncle William and Aunt Kate?

Is Meghan using Archie as a weapon against Queen Elizabeth? Will she ever see Archie again?


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