Is Meghan Markle Going To Leave TV Show Suits?

Is Meghan Markle Going To Leave TV Show Suits?

There's nothing like a whirlwind romance with a royal to really increase your celebrity and social capital. Actress Meghan Markle has definitely discovered this, in light of her increasingly serious relationship with Prince Harry.

Markle is most well known for her role as Rachel Zane, a law student, on the USA network's show Suits which is in its sixth season. While the show does fairly well on the network, many people who follow celebrity news had zero clue who Markle was when pics of her and Prince Harry surfaced. As such, she has had to adjust to the onslaught of interest and complete loss of personal privacy since their relationship was revealed.

This leads some to speculate on whether she'll actually return to the set of Suits for the seventh season. The 36-year-old has already signed a contract for the season but that doesn't necessarily mean she'll do the entire season or even be used in essential storylines as much as before.

An insider added that most on the set think she will opt to not come back, or at least, not full time. “If Meghan decides not to come back, the show will still keep going if everyone else signs on. She isn't the main cast member on the show, and quite frankly, everyone already thinks she's not coming back.”

Interestingly enough, Markle won't be the first to leave the show if this happens. Veteran actress Gina Torres, who played the managing partner and boss, Jessica Pearson, on the show didn't sign on to come back after last season. Some think that has to do with the way the two male characters are written in relation to how the women are. If Markle follows suit, it may not be for the reason some would assume.

It is unknown if Markle will completely abandon her acting career in favor of her other work, she's also an international ambassador, or if she'll manage to juggle all of her passions while being the proud partner of Prince Harry. There have been recent rumblings that the two will likely get married sometime soon.


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