Is Marilyn Manson Being Framed Because He's Married To Lindsay Usich? New Fan Theory Gains Traction!

Is Marilyn Manson Being Framed Because He's Married To Lindsay Usich? New Fan Theory Gains Traction!
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As the abuse allegations against Marilyn Manson (Brian Hugh Warner) continue, an alternative theory is emerging on social media platforms by his fans who are coming to his defense: jealousy! The 52-year-old shock rocker has been accused of abusing his ex-fiance Evan Rachel Wood , an artist named Gabriella who accuses him of making a blood pact with her then raping her, Sarah McNeilly, Ashley Lindsay Morgan, and Ashley Walters. Over the years, Marilyn has had a good deal of famous ex-girlfriends (including the actress Rose McGowan who has spoken out about the allegations) but he's only been married twice. First, Marilyn Manson was in a seven-year relationship with his ex-wife, Dita Von Teese. Dita supports victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse but states that her marriage to Marilyn Manson ended for drug use and infidelity, not for the level of physical, sexual, and psychological abuse the women are alleging against Manson.

Manson's second wife, Lindsay Usich, has remained silent on the issue. The couple has been together since 2012 (off and on) and married in 2020 as revealed by the actor Nicolas Cage. Now, some of Marilyn Manson's fans suggest that the allegations against him that his accusers posted on February 1, 2021, were because the women were all jealous that he is married to Lindsay!

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The theory is taking off despite the onslaught of additional allegations, accusations, and stories that are being shared about Marilyn Manson across social media networks. Many celebrities are coming forward to either distance themselves from Manson or to explain why they were around him. Still, since Dita Von Teese and Rose McGowan have publicly said that Marilyn Manson was never abusive with them, some interpret that to mean that Manson is being framed.

Marilyn Manson's wife, Lindsay Usich, remains silent on the issue, and though Manson publicly issued a statement denying the abuse allegations, Lindsay has said nothing.

You may see a thread that is being shared on Twitter where people are voicing their opinions on why they believe Marilyn Manson is being framed below.

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As people continue to sound off about the allegations and Evan Rachel Wood continues to call for victims whose cases fall within the statute of limitations to contact authorities, there are supporters who say that Marilyn Manson is innocent.


What do you think about the abuse allegations? Do you believe Marilyn Manson or the women who say he abused them?


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  • Ab
    Ab Feb 8, 2021 4:15 AM PST

    I agree with the other comments on here. Manson is being framed. I will stand with Marilyn Manson, always. I believe he is innocent.

    • Shaggy
      Shaggy Feb 16, 2021 1:04 PM PST

      Wake up buttercup

  • Sujin
    Sujin May 18, 2021 9:56 PM PDT

    I believe that Marilyn Manson is being framed as well. An alarm went off in my head as soon as I heard about the accusations. Somehow, I believe this was all fueled by Amber Heard. Marilyn Manson and Johnny Depp are close friends. Amber Heard and ERW are also close friends. I know I am not the only one who sees a connection there. As for these other women, I do believe that there may have been some kinky things in his relationships, but like he has stated, I believe they were consensual. Why wouldn't they have gone to the police? The timing is just strange to me.

  • Beccy
    Beccy Feb 6, 2021 5:08 AM PST

    To be honest, I find it a bit strange, all of a sudden Evan Rachel Wood is the victim, Dita von Teese stated infidelity was the reason why she handed in her divorce, and the infidelity was with Evan Rachel Wood, who was quite happy to make it public and appear "edgy" when her career was stalling. So you can be a 19 year old home wrecker and decades later you remember you were the victim... Fantasies are being discussed, we all have fantasies, they are not illegal or wrong, they simply that fantasies, sounds like we are talking about some dystopian "thought crime". This whole mind control thing, seriously? Is this some weird North Korean thing? Again a bit dystopian. Nazi memorabilia - a lot of people collect it without being Nazi sympathizers, I recall Lemmy (RIP) also collected it, they were simply collecting it like collectors do. Lemmy had a black life partner who had no issue with it. Manson came out several times talking against fascist regimes. People coming out and saying they heard somebody claim something, that person knew a person, who knew a person, which is not even hearsay, that is like Chinese whispers being sold as facts. Do I think he might have taken a lot of drugs together with people willing to take drugs and done some crazy and very kinky stuff? Absolutely, but that doesn't make it abuse. That's people who did some weird stuff and years later possibly decided they are now embarrassed and try to excuse their own actions as abuse, mind control and all that, quite a lot of them also seem to be eager for a bit of fame. We seem to have reached the age of trial by social media.

  • Janice
    Janice Feb 17, 2021 2:05 AM PST

    Some of these women were looking to get famous. Sarah McNeilly for instance, a failed model who tried to get her name known until she got dumped. Ashley Walters, a hired photographer and personal assistant who stole Mansons car, while he was in europe, and crashed it while she was drunk, then got arrested for a DUI before getting fired by Manson. Esme Bianco, oh my goodness... the girl was married, she was hired to do a music video.. signed on to do some risky scenes, banged Manson... continued having an affair, says she didnt consent to him biting her, but continued to fly back and forth from the UK to LA to have sex with him, then she left her husband and moved in with Manson (the guy who was abusing her) before he ended up dumping her and began dating Lindsay... she sounds like another one who has buyers remorse and shes trying to get her money back. Evan didnt say his name until she found out that he marriend Lindsay.... I just don't buy it. Ive been in similar relationships, when I was 21 I dated a guy who was uber goth and we used to have rough sex and he would smack me across the face and choke me out... I was into it, I am not into that now... but that doesnt mean I am going to go and charge him and ruin his life because I had some sex i might regret now. These women are claiming victims but every one of their stories they were adults and participated willingly... I dont buy any of it ... also, Sarah, Ashley W, Evan and several of the other girls are all friends.... close friends. Weird how they all knew he was an abuser and still let their friends get involved.

  • Andrew
    Andrew Feb 15, 2021 2:51 PM PST

    Abuse and misogyny should not be confused for BDSM. The amount of hate for women on this feed is disgusting. Shame on you.

  • Emmelina Ogilvy
    Emmelina Ogilvy Feb 14, 2021 5:32 AM PST

    He is a good friend of Johnny Depp. ERW is a good friend of Amber heard. Heard has falsely accused Depp and despite the disgraceful decision by revolting British judge Justice Nichol saying Depp was guilty of DV, most people believe he is innocent. MM is into BDSM. Even in the most consensual organised BDSM relationship, there is opportunity to turn around the truth into a lie, saying the consensual sex play was in fact abuse. I think this is what has happened here. MM has played a very important part in Western society. He is the Devil archetype who gets blamed for every school shooting that happens as well as any other thing the moral guardians need someone to pin on. Its too easy to distort his humour, his lifestyle and his stage personna into him being an abuser. I do not believe any of these women....I think this a pile-on from a fading actress and any small time hollywood hanger-ons she could find....Under the guidance of her friend Amber heard.

  • Michelle
    Michelle Feb 10, 2021 1:26 PM PST

    I have been intensely interested in him since about 2017. The reason was because it looked like something was terribly wrong and I read all about him to see what was going on with that. In the process of reading all about him, I kind of fell for this beautiful, crazy sexxxy sexxxy man. And it looks to me like what is going on here is that he used to be kind of a rotten little monster when he was younger, but he has grown and changed so much as a person since then. I am dead set against abuse of women. He is into BDSM. If these women let him do BDSM to them, and then kept quiet for years. It seems to me that they could have come out at the time, or any time between then and now. I am also thinking of how Johnny Depp was with Winona Ryder for a while and then their personal arguments were all over TV non stop. It seems to me that these arguments and divorces and fights are getting the stars a lot of publicity. Know what I am saying? But this time, MM baby got booted from TV shows and lost his employer. So, now, I have to think MM could deny the charges, claim the girls consented to the stuff, whit it sounds like they kind of did, or he could say he's sorry and publicly try to fix his image. Or, he could trade on being a mysterious dangerous diabolical cad with a penchant for whipping and spanking hot girls. <3 I love him. And, rumor has it that he has a whole room in his house, just for BAD girls! <3

  • Nena
    Nena Feb 6, 2021 11:24 AM PST

    Hi! This garbage theory shouldn’t even be grabbing headlines. I wish you hadn’t given this absurdity a platform. Evan and Esme have their testimony years ago and for most people in the know none of the abuse allegations are shocking news. I’ve known about this stuff for years. There is an IG account called @mansonisabusive that has been sharing info on this stuff for years. This theory should not be on this platform.

  • Italian girl
    Italian girl Feb 7, 2021 5:05 PM PST

    I've said from the start how the whole thing seemed weird that these women are coming out right after Manson and Lindsay got married. They are also trying to ruin his career because he's very successful. It looks like he is trying to better himself and he seems happy with Lindsay and now they are trying to crush him. When Evan started dating him at 19 years old she's considered an adult. She was a big girl knowing what she was doing and why are you with a man who is just about 20 years older than you anyway?

  • Ninformant
    Ninformant Feb 7, 2021 11:24 AM PST

    Marilyn Manson: writes songs like “I don’t like the drugs but the drugs like me. Evan Wood: he hid a drug problem from Me.

  • Justice League
    Justice League Feb 6, 2021 9:12 PM PST

    This is really a witch hunt. None prooved anything it says and the man is already considered guilty after a few hours when woman screams "Abuse" or "Rape". What happened to the principle of "Innocent until prooven guilty?" This is getting out of hand when lifes get destroyed by what can be a lie or a caballa to destroy Marilyn Manson carreer. I'm not a fan of him but just because he is a freek (and never hide it) makes it the perfect person to be publicly crusified. Many man are also victims of woman that tell lies and destroy their lives even when it goes to court and can't proove what they say. They can tell whatever lie they want that people now believe it. As if people never lie as revenge. Marilyn Manson broke up with Evan Rachel Woods twice. First in 2009 and then they got back together and even got engaged before he broke up with her again. These all sound like bitter woman trying to get their little revenge on the guy that dumped them or didn't even wanted to have something with some of them. I don't believe a word they say. Marilyn Manson is being framed and so will other man be in the future if we don't stop this non sense of judging people and condening them on social media and press just because they are being accused by... a woman.

  • Elizabeth
    Elizabeth Feb 6, 2021 3:32 PM PST

    I am with you on all points. It’s like a witch hunt, and while I believe he did some things under the influence, but I don’t believe he abused anyone.

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