Is Margot Robbie Pregnant? NW Magazine Claims She’s ‘Three Months’ Along With Her First Child

Is Margot Robbie Pregnant? NW Magazine Claims She’s ‘Three Months’ Along With Her First Child
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An Australian magazine claims that Margot Robbie is pregnant. Check out what the mag is reporting about the actress.

It seems that Margot and her husband Tom Ackerley are expecting their first child together.

The news comes from the Australian publication NW Magazine which says that Margot is three months along.

'Margot has wanted to be a mum ever since she and Tom tied the knot, and that time has finally arrived,' a source told the magazine.

'She’s always said that when she does get pregnant, she’ll keep the news to herself and her closest family members.'

This isn’t the first time that there have been rumors about these two expecting!

Back in April, insiders reportedly told NW Magazine once again that a baby was on the way.

'It’s so exciting — although she’s not really showing yet, so not many people have cottoned onto the news,' an insider said.

'Given how far along we think she is, there’s definitely a chance she was [pregnant] at the wedding. We’re expecting an announcement any day now.'

They are obviously referring to Margot and Tom getting hitched back in 2016.

Another report had surfaced recently that Margot had a very strange encounter with Angelina Jolie  when they both attended the Hollywood Film Awards on November 5.

When the younger actress strolled over to say hello, Angie shut her down!

'She curtly replied, ‘I know who you are’ and turned her back on Margot,' according to In Touch.

This supposed awkward moment could be attributed to Margot’s starring role in 2015’s The Big Short, which also starred Angelina’s ex Brad Pitt.

According to the magazine, Brad was the main reason she got in the film and that he was crushing on her. 'It was clear from Angelina’s reaction to Margot that she still holds a grudge.'


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