Is Madonna Dating A 25-Year-Old Dancer? New Photos With Ahlamalik Williams Leaves Fans Asking If He's Her Boyfriend

Is Madonna Dating A 25-Year-Old Dancer? New Photos With Ahlamalik Williams Leaves Fans Asking If He's Her Boyfriend
Credit: Source: Ahlamalik Williams/Instagram

If there's any 61-year-old woman who would shun men her age and romanticize a bevy of young men in their twenties, it's going to be Madonna — and apparently, that's what she's been doing. Reports that Madonna dates men in their 20s is nothing new, but now fans are thoroughly convinced that Madonna's latest "boyfriend" is the 25-year-old dancer Ahlamalik Williams (he goes by the moniker Schitzo). Ahlamalik is on tour with Madonna with their latest stop in Miami. Now, new photos of Madonna and Ahlamalik together, while daughter Lourdes was with a mystery man have set tongues wagging and have left many wondering if Madonna's new boyfriend is 25-year-old Ahlamalik?

This isn't the first time people suspected Madonna and Ahlamalik have taken their relationship beyond a professional setting. A video of Madonna grinding up against Schitzo went viral and many assumed the two were a couple.

Madonna has made her persona and character a bit of an enigma and one might want to check with Madonna about the definition of a "relationship" from her point of view before casually tossing words like "boyfriend" around.

Does Madonna even have boyfriends? Does Madonna date exclusively? Does Madonna believe in open relationships? Is Madonna looking for a serious, committed relationship? These are questions to consider when one speculates on Madonna and the nature of her association with Ahlamalik Williams.

Regardless of those technicalities, people are thoroughly convinced that Ahlamalik is her boyfriend.

You may see a video featuring Madonna and Ahlamalik as they were spotted in Miami on a balcony in the video player below.

A previous video showing Madonna grinding on Ahalamalik Williams also went viral. Ahlamalik has toured the world with Madonna and people can't stop talking about their public displays of affection. A report by the Daily Mail suggests that there have been witnesses who say they've seen Ahalamalik kissing Madonna and massaging her shoulders.

Ahalmalik posted a message to Madonna on Instagram where he thanked her for adding him to the tour.

"Thank you, Madonna, for letting me be a part of a powerful message that speaks volumes on so many different levels."

You may see the video featuring Ahlamalik dancing with Madonna in the video player below.

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