Is Lindsay Lohan Dating The Crown Prince Of Saudi Arabia?

Is Lindsay Lohan Dating The Crown Prince Of Saudi Arabia?
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Well, this is unexpected. Lindsay Lohan’s career choices don’t make headlines anymore, but we can’t say the same thing about her personal life. A crazy rumor about the Mean Girls star has recently started to circulate, claiming Lohan is dating the crown prince of Saudi Arabia.

According to Page Six , rumor has it that Mohammed bin Salman - known as MbS - has been flying Lohan around the world on his jets and buying her lavish gifts, including a gift-wrapped credit card.

An insider has confirmed that MbS and Lohan “know each other” and the two have been exchanging text messages, but Lohan’s rep says that the pair met just once at a Formula One Grand Prix race in 2018, and all claims of the two forming a friendship and starting to date are “lies.”

The crown prince of Saudi Arabia is one of the wealthiest people in the world - his net worth is estimated to be around $3 billion - and he is also married with four children. He is also known to be a “bloodthirsty” authoritarian who has recently faced accusations that he ordered the murder of Washington Pos t journalist Jamal Khashoggi, who was a vocal critic of MbS.

Lohan - who has spent a lot of time in Dubai in recent years - is very popular in the Middle East, says an insider.

“They go crazy for her out there,” says the source.

The insider added that before the murder of Khashoggi, MbS had an excellent reputation when it came to advocating for women’s rights in Saudi Arabia.

Since 2016, Lohan - a native of New York -  has gone international with her business and personal interests. She opened a nightclub in Athens and two Lohan Beach Houses in the Cyclades Islands. She has also studied Islam, has attempted to learn numerous languages, and has even talked about plans for an all-female movie titled Frame . She spoke about the movie idea in 2018 and said it would be about women in Saudi culture.

This summer, she re-signed with Casablanca Records and is planning to record and release her third studio album. Lindsay Lohan has also signed on to be on the judge’s panel of the Australian edition of The Masked Singer .

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