Is Liam Neeson Lost And Alone Without Natasha Richardson?

Is Liam Neeson Lost And Alone Without Natasha Richardson?
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They say for some people, true love only comes once and there may be no better example of that than Hollywood hunk Liam Neeson. The action-thriller star who is revered as one of Hollywood's acting giants found love with Natasha Richardson back in 1993 when the pair co-starred on Broadway together in Anna Christie . There was no denying their attraction and the duo went public with their relationship. They were married a year later, in 1994, and had two children together. Fifteen years later, their fairy-tale, like love came to a screeching halt when Natasha fell during a skiing lesson, injured her brain, and was left in a vegetative state. She died on March 18, 2009, and it is safe to say that Liam has never been the same since.

It has been 12 years since Natasha Richardson's sudden death and the world has changed. Thrown into a global pandemic where social distancing, face masks, and quarantines have become the norm, many people rely on those in their immediate household for comfort through these trying times. For Liam Neeson; however, it appears that he prefers solitude as opposed to moving on without Natasha.

A new article in the upcoming January 25, 2021, issue of Ok! magazine quotes sources who say that Liam is lonely as he isolates, but is essentially lost without the love of his life and is in no rush to try and replace her.

The source said the following to the publication.

He's tried to date, but whenever women want to take things to the next level, he retreats. He seems lost in thoughts of the past. Once lockdown lifts, his friends would like him to at least consider going out with someone. But Liam doesn't see the point, because he knows he'll never find another woman like Natasha.

Though tabloids aren't always accurate with their stories, it does seem they may be on point with this one. Liam has said repeatedly that Natasha was/is the love of his life and the fact that in 12 years he hasn't been publicly linked to anyone else speaks volumes.

You may see an article about Liam Neeson's deep love and loss for Natasha Richardson below.

In 2014, Liam Neeson described Natasha's death as 'not being real.' Even after all of these years, he still hasn't fully accepted that she is gone. Liam Neeson stated the following.

Her death was never real. It still kind of isn’t. There’s periods now when I hear the door opening, especially the first couple of years… anytime I hear that door opening, I still think I’m going to hear her.


Liam's deep love for Natasha is as beautiful as it is heartbreaking. What do you think about OK!'s report? Do you think Liam's friends are right to try and push Liam into moving on or do you think a love like Natasha's and Liam's only happens once in a lifetime?


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