Is Lea Michele's Career Over Due To Allegations She Was Cruel To Black Co-Workers On Glee Set?

Is Lea Michele's Career Over Due To Allegations She Was Cruel To Black Co-Workers On Glee Set?
Credit: Source: Lea Michele/Instagram

Is Lea Michele canceled due to allegations she was cruel to black co-workers on the set of Glee ? Is her career over? Lea Michele shared a message on social media after the brutal death of George Floyd that prompted civil rights protests worldwide and one of Lea's former co-stars was quick to call her out on her alleged hypocrisy. According to Samantha Ware (and now others), Lea's behavior on the set of Glee went beyond being a diva and many of the people who are speaking out about Lea's shameful ways are black. While some are asking if Lea was letting fame get to her head and mistreating co-workers who had a less important role on the series than she did, others have pointed out that those accusing Lea of being downright cruel and making the set a "living hell" for at least Samantha, are all black. Now people are asking if Lea Michele is a racist!

Fans were shocked after Lea Michele shared a tweet in support of the Black Lives Matter protests. Samantha Ware quickly responded to call Lea out for making her life a "living hell" on the site. She even said that Lea's treatment was so bad that it caused her to want to give up the entertainment industry completely!

Samantha has since granted an interview to Variety where she delved into her accusations against the pregnant 33-year-old.

Samantha's allegations were shocking, but she wasn't the only one to make them.  In addition to Samantha's allegations, Dabier Snell and Jeante Godlock also spoke out publicly about Lea's bad behavior. You may see what Samantha Marie Ware said to Variety below.

Lea responded to the allegations by releasing an apology on her official Instagram account, where she has 6.3 million followers. The apology didn't go over well with those who side with Samantha Marie Ware and the others who are accusing Lea of treating them terribly.

Life & Style addressed the situation in their upcoming June 22, 2020, issue. A source spoke to the publication about Lea's fears that her career is over due to the backlash the scandal has caused.

A source stated the following.

"Lea can't believe this is happening. She's worried her career and her reputation are ruined and that no one will want to work with her ever again."

What do you think? Do you believe that Lea Michele is a racist? Do you think her career is over?

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