Is Lady Gaga Pregnant With Bradley Cooper's Baby?

Is Lady Gaga Pregnant With Bradley Cooper's Baby?
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Is Lady Gaga pregnant with Bradley Cooper's baby? That rumor has circulated since last June and still hasn't been put to rest, regardless of how many times Lady Gaga speaks out about her "orchestrated romance" with her A Star Is Born co-star. When Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper announced they were filming the movie that he directed, fans didn't know what to expect. Early interviews with the two showed that they had a great friendship and people began gossiping about the two having feelings for each other. At the time they filmed A Star Is Born, Bradley Cooper was in a long-term relationship with supermodel Irina Shayk (whom he shares daughter Lea with) and Lady Gaga was engaged to Christian Carino.

Less than a year after the film's release, both would be single and rumors were rampant that they were in love, moving in together, buying property in New York, expecting a baby and more. If Lady Gaga is pregnant with Bradley Cooper's baby it would be the longest pregnancy in history!

None other than Oprah Winfrey, the Queen of Talk herself, interviewed Lady Gaga for Elle magazine and once again, Lady Gaga cleared up the rumors and said that she and Bradley purposefully created the appearance they were in love. It was for the movie, for their was because Ally and Jack were in love. That was what they wanted the world to see — only the world saw plenty more.

Even though Lady Gaga specifically denied the rumors, there are still people (and fake news reports) suggesting that they are secretly a couple and expecting a baby.

Not only is this not the first time Lady Gaga pregnancy rumors have spread across the Internet, but it's also not the first time Bradley Cooper has been rumored to getting his co-stars pregnant.

Earlier this year, rumors spread across social media networks that Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Garner were pregnant and she was expecting her fourth child with Bradley Cooper. Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Garner starred in the series Alias together.

What do you think of all the rumors surrounding Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper? Do you still believe she is pregnant with his child, even though she has repeatedly spoken out to discredit the reports as false?

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