Is Kylie Jenner Preparing For A Baby Shower?

Is Kylie Jenner Preparing For A Baby Shower?
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Some pics have just surfaced, and they seem to indicate that Kylie Jenner is about to throw her very own baby shower. This happens just a few days after her sister Kim Kardashians threw her own .

Even if the debate on Kylie's pregnancy continues, some new images appeared suggesting that she is about to throw a baby shower.

The photos show a tent constructed on the grounds as well as bright PINK cherry blossoms in the pool!

You're still not convinced that Kylie is preparing to celebrate an alleged pregnancy?

One of the images caught a glimpse of the supplies that were being carted out to the tent, and one of the bags is definitely from Toys R Us.

Kardashian fans know that these eye-brow-raising images come just one day after Kim Kardashian hosted a baby shower of her own at her and Kanye West‘s Bel-Air mansion.

Interestingly, pink cherry blossoms were used for that event as well.

Could these two sisters be stealing baby shower decoration ideas? We know that Kylie definitely attended that event.

Kylie recently snapped a pic of what certainly appears to be a diamond ring on November 12. In no time, fans started debating if this means that she and Travis Scott are finally engaged. We can't answer that for sure, and all we can do for now is wait and see.


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