Is Kurt Cobain's House Haunted? Home Where Nirvana Singer Committed Suicide Is Reportedly Haunted By His Ghost

Is Kurt Cobain's House Haunted? Home Where Nirvana Singer Committed Suicide Is Reportedly Haunted By His Ghost
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The house that Kurt Cobain committed suicide in went on the market, but isn't finding a buyer due to reports that Kurt's ghost is haunting the home. Though it might seem that this is just some sort of fictional lore, the source of the reports actually comes from Kurt's widow Courtney Love. In a sit down with Interview Magazine, Courtney spoke about being visited by Kurt's ghost and that has caused people to believe that if Kurt is haunting a place, it is the home where he took his life.

Because Courtney has admitted to seeing his ghost, and because he died at the house, people are scared that the place is haunted. Though people are saying the house is haunted and these rumors are being spread across social media, there haven't been any reports from people who say they were inside the home and experienced anything associated with the paranormal. Courtney Love reportedly saw Kurt's ghost in another home, after she moved.

It appears that all of the hysteria is derived from Courtney Love's comments.

Speaking to Interview Magazine, Courtney said the following.

"When I moved to Hancock Park from Seattle with Frances and Edward [Norton, Love’s ex-boy-friend], I saw Kurt in a chair for a moment and he said hi to me and then he left."

You may see the interview as it was published below.

It seems that with so many people believing that Kurt Cobain's spirit possesses the house it would be a good place to do some paranormal testing such as using an EMF reader to detect levels of electromagnetic fields in the area. Additionally, a spirit box could be used to try and communicate with Kurt Cobain's spirit.

To date, none of these methods have reportedly been used at the house. Tabloid reports suggesting that potential buyers aren't purchasing the home due to the possibility of it being haunted are relying solely on Courtney Love's experiences.

The National Enquirer quoted an unidentified realtor source who said that they can't sell the house.

What do you think? Should some paranormal experts and ghost hunters check out Kurt Cobain's former house?

Do you think Courtney Love's account means that the home is haunted?

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