Is Kim Kardashian Afraid Of What A Divorce With Kanye West Would Cost?

Is Kim Kardashian Afraid Of What A Divorce With Kanye West Would Cost?
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Is Kim Kardashian afraid of what a divorce with Kanye West would cost? That's the question many people are asking due to an article in the upcoming August 3, 2020, issue of OK! Magazine. Rumors are rampant that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are on the verge of divorce following his recent presidential bid and statements that many are saying have pushed her to the point of no return. Kanye's presidential campaign was full of shocking statements and many believe he is in a full-blown, manic episode. Now, a source is speaking to OK! stating that Kim is doing everything in her power to keep the marriage together because she is afraid of what will happen if they divorce. Not only would the financial cost be unbearable, but Kim reportedly fears what a divorce would do to Kanye's mental health.

The outlet quoted a source who said that when the couple was recently spotted out in public and appeared happy, they were faking it. The source stated the following to the publication.

"Kim and Kanye were putting on a show, but they didn't fool anybody. The truth is, their union is very much in crisis right now."

The source also stated that Kim is living her life as if she is walking on eggshells and fears what a divorce would mean to her four young children: North, 7, Saint, 4, Chicago, 2, and Psalm, 14 months.) The source continued to state the following.

"There are whispers that she's only staying with Kanye for the kids. She believes the best environment is a home with both parents."

At this point, it's unclear if Kim and Kanye are going to get divorced. There are reports that the couple has mulled divorce for quite a while and some outlets say Kim has been speaking to divorce attorneys. OK! continued to say that Kim is worried a divorce would send Kanye "over the deep end" but at the same time, she is tired of Kanye's moods and trying to hold down the fort on her own.

After all, Kim still has a business to run, four children to raise, and is studying for the bar exam. The expense of a Kardashian-West divorce could prove astronomical. Both have mega-million businesses and lucrative deals in the works.

What do you think? Do you believe Kim and Kanye will get divorced or do you think they will do everything possible to stay together?


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