Is Kendall Jenner Ready To Become A Mother Soon Like Her Sisters? Check Out The Truth

Is Kendall Jenner Ready To Become A Mother Soon Like Her Sisters? Check Out The Truth

With reports running all over the place that Kylie Jenner has a baby on the way , an insider did some digging to learn if her sister Kendall Jenner is also thinking about motherhood. Here are the details on whether she plans on starting her own family anytime soon.

Now that reports are swirling that Kylie is pregnant and she may become a mother soon alongside Travis Scott, fans began wondering if Kendall Jenner also wants the same things in life.

After all, she is the eldest Jenner, and things appear to be going pretty good with her and Blake Griffin.

'Blake really likes Kendall, and they are having a perfect time together but don’t think they are going to be having children as fast as Kylie has because Kendall doesn’t want any children right now,' a source close to Blake confessed for the fans.

'Kendall is interested in being a model and not a mother.'

There you have it! And it makes sense, 21 is awfully early to become a mother unless you really want it!

As we previously stated, Kylie’s reported baby daddy Travis is crazy of joy at the prospect of parenthood !

'Kylie fell pregnant just a few weeks after she started dating Travis, and it was a complete surprise to her, but she immediately knew she wanted to keep the baby,' the same insider confessed.

'At first, she was apprehensive about telling Travis, but she didn’t need to be as he was really, really happy. This is will be Travis’ first child and he’s super psyched about being a father, and he’s going to spoil the baby, and Kylie, like crazy!'


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    JP Sep 24, 2017 8:36 AM PDT

    Who cares...Celebrity insider is obsessed with the Kardashians. Its gotten out of hand. Please report on real celebrities not generic ones.

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