Is Kelly Clarkson Getting Coronavirus Cabin Fever?

Is Kelly Clarkson Getting Coronavirus Cabin Fever?
Credit: Source: Kelly Clarkson/Instagram

Is Kelly Clarkson getting Coronavirus cabin fever? That's the subject of an upcoming article in the May 4, 2020, issue of OK! magazine. Kelly Clarkson shared with her fans that she and husband, Brandon Blackstock, headed to their Montana ranch to ride out the quarantine. Kelly and Brandon have two children: River Rose, 5, and Remington, 4. Now, sources are dishing to OK! saying that rural life in Montana is getting to Kelly and it is a lot more work than the family anticipated. The source said the family is missing their old life and the luxurious amenities that it came with.

"They have no chef, no staff, there are no gourmet food stores — no town within miles. She and Brandon agreed they'd bunk down and get back to nature for a few months, but this is a lot more work than she anticipated."

Neither Kelly or Brandon have spoken publicly to confirm or deny the story and it is unclear if they are ready to give up on their remote, cabin life or not.

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed lives for millions and with the nation under lockdown orders, many families are spending more time together than ever before.

As Kelly and Brandon are home with two young children, they have a lot on their plate and their children require plenty of attention.

Kelly shared an update with her fans when she and Brandon made the decision to relocate to their Montana home for the pandemic and she has continued to share messages from Montana.

The source continued to dish on Kelly's and Brandon's difficult time in Montana.

"She's cooking, cleaning, chopping wood and taking care of the livestock. But as tough as it is, she knows there's no other option, so she's trying to make the best of it."

Kelly isn't the only one having difficulty adjusting to life post-Coronavirus. Many people are out of work and finding it difficult just to get basic necessities. Grocery shopping is no longer a simple task and public get-togethers don't happen anymore. This new way of life has made things challenging for everyone.

What do you think about the report? Do you believe that Kelly Clarkson has a case of Coronavirus cabin fever?

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