Is Katy Perry trolling Taylor Swift again?

Is Katy Perry trolling Taylor Swift again?

The feud between Taylor Swift and her long-time enemy Katy Perry seems to get worse considering there are speculations that Katy wore an animal print coat very similar to the one Taylor wore in the Bad Blood music video just to spite her.  Furthermore, they both wore the animal print on the same day. Coincidence, maybe? Maybe. Knowing how much the two hate each other it wouldn’t be surprising if Katy Perry did it on purpose.

We know how much Taylor has tried to avoid being associated with Perry, even choosing to step out of the presidential campaign after Katy Perry announced her support for Hilary Clinton. This proves how much she wants to avoid being compared to her, knowing how often that happens.

Katy Perry does not care, on the contrary, the singer chose to troll Taylor multiple times before, the most recent being a video that she posted of herself listening to Kanye West’s ‘Famous’.

Yes, the very song that is a direct offence to Taylor and she even shared the lyrics that reference Swift. Furthermore, when asked if she’d ever consider collabing with Taylor by a fan, Katy Perry answered that she would only if Swift apologized.

Sources say Taylor scoffed at the idea, proving once again that there is no way the two divas are ever going to get over their feud and be friends once again. It only looks like the two have different ways of expressing their dislike for each other. While Taylor tries to pretend Katy simply doesn’t exist, Kathy is always trolling Taylor as a revenge. Will Taylor break the silence and respond back in nasty manner as well? Or will she be able to keep her distance until Katy gets bored of teasing her?

Are the matching clothes a coincidence or is Katy trying to spite Taylor again?


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