Is Kathie Lee Gifford Ready To Be A Grandmother?

Is Kathie Lee Gifford Ready To Be A Grandmother?
Credit: Source: Cassidy Gifford/Instagram

Is Kathie Lee Gifford ready to be a grandmother? A new report in the upcoming July 13, 2020, issue of OK magazine said that Kathie Lee is over-the-moon that her 26-year-old daughter has married Ben Wierda. According to the issue, Kathie is thrilled that her daughter has married and is ready for the couple to expand their family. While Kathie Lee is reportedly anxious for Cassidy to get pregnant, apparently she wants her mother to slow down a bit. A source spoke to the publication and stated the following.

"She'd like to enjoy married life for a little while before starting a family."

But the source said Kathie Lee is in full-grandma mode, even though Cassidy isn't pregnant!

"She's already buying onesies, toys, and other things for the baby and is planning to turn one of the bedrooms into a nursery so she can babysit!"

Cassidy hasn't said anything publicly about when she'd like to start a family but she has shared some beautiful photos on her Instagram page.  According to a previous interview with Kathie Lee, Cassidy met Ben when she was 11-years-old and he was 14-years-old.

Cassidy shared the following photo with this caption.

"A wise man once said ; “for-ev-er” - Squints, The Sandlot, 93’"

Cassidy and Kathie Lee lost the patriarch of their family, Frank Gifford in 2015. Cassidy remembered her father on Father's day and shared a sweet photo of herself as a child fishing with her dad.

“My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me.” -Jim Valvano

There's no doubt that a baby would bring more joy into Kathie Lee's life, especially since she lost Frank, but at the same time, she can't push Cassidy into having a baby before she is ready.

"Nothing would make Kathie Lee happier than having a grandchild. She's hoping to hear some good news from Cassidy later this year."

At this point, there is no indication of when Cassidy may become pregnant.

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