Is Kate Middleton Pregnant With Another Girl?

Is Kate Middleton Pregnant With Another Girl?
Credit: Source: Press Association/Kensington Palace/Twitter

Is Kate Middleton pregnant with another girl? That is the subject of an upcoming article in the April 13, 2020, issue of Life & Style magazine. Not only does the outlet say that Kate Middleton is having her fourth baby with Prince William, but that the royal couple is having another girl. The birth of a little princess would round out their family with two sons: Prince George and Prince Louis and two princesses. A sister for Princes Charlotte would be perfect and many people hope the news is true. The royal family is self-isolating at Anmer Hall as William's father Prince Charles is feeling much better after his Coronavirus diagnosis.

Now, people are saying that Kate is extra concerned about the Coronavirus pandemic as she is with child. An insider spoke to In Touch and shared some information about Kate and William and how the pregnancy has impacted their relationship.

"It explains why she and William have looked more in love than ever lately. But this has brought them back together. They couldn't be more ecstatic. Now they will have two boys and two girls. They feel their family is complete. Are they worried with everything that's going on with the pandemic? Of course they are. They're only human."

Neither Prince William or Kate Middleton have confirmed or denied reports that she is pregnant and there is no question that pregnancy rumors have plagued Kate Middleton since Prince Louis was born!

The source continued to say that Kate and Prince Williams will stay at Anmer Hall until she is ready to deliver.

"They will remain there for the duration of the pregnancy, though the plan is for Kate to return to Kensington Palace where the best doctors will await her when she's ready to give birth. Anmer Hall is too remote. And Kensington Palace right now seems to be a safer option than the hospital because of the pandemic, which could last for months."

What do you think about the report? Do you think that Kate Middleton is really pregnant or do you think this is another false report?

Would you be excited for another baby to join the royal family?


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