Is Johnny Depp Leaning On Winona Ryder During Amber Heard Legal Battle?

Is Johnny Depp Leaning On Winona Ryder During Amber Heard Legal Battle?
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Is Johnny Depp leaning on Winona Ryder during his ongoing legal battles with ex Amber Heard? That's what is being reported in the November 2, 2020, issue of OK! magazine. Johnny's fans were shocked when ex-wife Amber Heard made domestic violence accusations against the actor but none was as shocked as Winona Ryder ! The couple had starred together in the cult-classic film Edward Scissorhands and were engaged for three years before breaking up.

When Johnny Depp headed to court for defamation due to an article by The Sun that labeled Depp a 'wife beater' his ex-partners Vanessa Paradis (with whom he shares children Lily-Rose and Jack) and Winona Ryder were quick to release statements on his behalf.

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Johnny's legal team didn't need their statements but they were made public regardless. Now, OK! is reporting that Winona's support extends beyond a written statement to his character. According to the article, Johnny is leaning on both Vanessa and Winona through this time and is grateful for their support.

The source stated the following to the publication.

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Winona and Vanessa have been adamant that he's been miscast by Amber and that the Johnny they know is a gentle, loving soul. Sure, he can get hot-headed at times, but in no way can they imagine him doing the acts Amber's accused him of. They've been a real rock for him to lean on throughout this mess.

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Though there are many people who weren't surprised that Vanessa Paradis would stand up for the father of her children, many were shocked to learn that after all these years, Winona would be by his side. There will always be romantic hopefuls wishing Johnny and Winona would get back together, but that doesn't seem as if it will happen.

Winona Ryder has been with her boyfriend Scott Mackinlay Hahn since 2011 and the couple is still going strong.

Additionally, it has been rumored that Johnny Depp is involved with a gorgeous model, but is keeping the relationship private due to the press surrounding the legal case. Whether he is or isn't involved with a model at this time remains to be seen.

What do you think about OK magazine's report? Were you surprised when Winona Ryder released a statement on Johnny Depp's behalf?


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